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vs. WHITE SOX 8/30


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Ken Rosenthal ‏@Ken_Rosenthal

Wolf had chance to go to non-contender and start every fifth day. Chose #Orioles without guarantee of spot in rotation. O?s could use him


Just wow. This is probably the most surreal thing I've read about the Orioles yet this season.

He chose to come to the Orioles... with no guarantee to be in the starting rotation... because he wanted to play for a contender.


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Yeah and Trout came up last year. Look at Trouts true rookie stats. I believe he batted about .220 and had a decent amount of at bats.

True fair point. I just like Trout better because his running game is just fantastic. 41/45 this year in steals. That's amazing. Plus Harper just rubs me the wrong way.

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This. Its not his fault, its all the "gush" over him coming up.

Yeah I mean he's done unbelievable for a guy his age but I just think it sucks that Trout has been overshadowed by him because Trout I think is the cooler story IMO because you had 24 teams over look him. Plus as I said, I love his speed.

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