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Luke Scott on Hula Hoop Swing Paths


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Nice piece that goes into how analytical Scott is and how others are not at all.

Think of a hula hoop. If your swing was to come through the hitting zone and then continue on that same path around that axis, which is your body, it would form a circle, or a hula hoop. Well, that hula hoop, based on the position of the pitch, the angle it comes in, or breaks away, you just angle that accordingly. That's the science of hitting. You're breaking down the mechanics of bat path. There's also how your lower half works with the upper half.
When I played with Vlad, I'd ask him a question, like, What are you working on?? He'd say, I just hit the ball. I'd ask, How did you angle your bat path to hit that ball the other way?? He'd say, I just saw the ball and hit it over there. Hes mastered the art of doing it the way he does it.
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