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Tigers loking to move Cabrera to First Base and use Castellanos at third.

Redskins Rick

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The Tigers are really doing a good job this off season, considering their budget. They are definitely planning for the future; doing what they have to do to stay competitive both now and later. People around here aren't fans of giving a closer $10 mil per, but when you have a reliever the caliber of Nathan available I say you pay him.

The trade of Prince Fielder was beautiful for them. Not only do they move Cabrera to 1B and open space up for Castellanos, but they get Ian Kinsler who is a big upgrade from Omar Infante. A Kinsler-Inglesias middle infield will gobble up ground balls induced by Verlander.

The loss of Fister will hurt but they still have a viable 5-man rotation and they weren't going to be able to pay both him and Max Scherzer. They traded him when they needed to and got two good prospects, at least in Dave Dombrowski's eyes.

And he now says Detroit is done participating in the big market, which is a smart thing to do. They can sign one or two more mid-price pieces to round out their 2014 roster.

After 2014, Victor Martinez and Torii Hunter come off the books, clearing a combined $26 mil. I suspect they'll make good use of that money too.

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