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The Overreaction Thread (2015 Version)


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I just read that Bud Norris should be released, so I figured it is time for the annual overreaction thread:)

Post your impulsive and irrational (sometimes) comments here.

I will start....

My eyes are bleeding watching Snider play RF...does Davis get a start out there soon?

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We needed pitching. We didn't get pitching. Thus results. Overreaction? I say expected.

Careful. People here will point to the fact that the team has won a bunch of games over the past 3 seasons and that Ubaldo Jimenez has worked on his mechanics. I questioned why the front office didn't try to improve the team in the offseason and in a nutshell that was the response I received.

Don't get me going on Snider's defense in right field and the lack of a decent leadoff hitter

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