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April 14th vs The Blue Jays


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My hair is receding in the front, and it's starting to move towards the middle, like the two sides are going to connect, giving me one of those frontal islands. On top of that, it's thinning in the back. Whenever my brother, my cousin, and I get together, we always compare our baldness progression. I'm the youngest of us at 23, and mine is by far the worst. :(

I hear ya. I'm on the fast track to the horseshoe.

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    • Your urgency is not the urgency Elias has.    Diaz would not be getting many at bats here at all. O’Hearn isn’t    A CF was hurt. An OF was added.  Why does every player added have be a prospect or young? It’s a fill in role. 
    • Has to be as an "opener" with Voth being the real starter. Right? 
    • I agree with a lot of this.  However, the Orioles have also played an inordinate amount of close games.  People used to hate that Buck would leave a starter in a bit longer or go with something other than his best relievers sometimes, but you have to do that over the course of a season.   That being said, Hyde has his fingers on the pulse of the team.  The team was struggling a bit as of late and it's possible that his thought process last night was that the harm (from a demoralizing standpoint) from losing that game could be far worse than just a single game lost.  I definitely would have preferred an Akin or someone similar as Tony says. He also too many times will "dry hump" as Buck used to say his relievers.  If you get them up, put them in.    
    • Another issue that we have is that we only have 2 and a half reliable arms in high leverage situations. Because we play close games almost all of the time, Baker, Bautista, and Cano are being called upon way too frequent. Thus the high appearances/innings pitch. I like you don't know the answer to this. It's not like we can make a trade for a more reliable starter right now. And we have trade various guys in the BP and none of them seem to be too effective in high leverage spots (Givens, Perez, Baumann). Coulombe has been ok, but was ineffective last night. And Akin doesn't pitch all that much. Voth wasn't used in high leverage situations and now he appears to be in the rotation, I guess?
    • Yea, it’s a trade off of giving him more games where he is most valuable and giving him much needed off days. If the lineup can’t withstand him being out of it for a game here and there, it’s a poorly constructed lineup.
    • So far bullpen performance has been a strength under Hyde and Holt and their training staff. I am inclined to give them a long leash and withhold judgment until we actually see any negative consequences.  The stress on Bautista and Cano is at least in part a function of playing a disproportionate number of close winnable games. That is dictated more by the situation than Hyde having a "quick hook" on the other guys. The "quick hook" narrative would really need to focus on the middle guys and I'm not really convinced we are out of the norm there.  
    • I agree generally that this is going to be unsustainable and that the length guys should be pitching multiple innings more. But given today's plan of Akin opening and Voth following up, last night's decisions make a lot more sense. This was bad timing with Cole Irvin having been up-and-down and needing to stay down for 10 days. There's some obvious upside with this year's usage: we have one of the best bullpen ERAs, and we're winning games and outperforming the pythagorean expectation by a lot. This can't last all year, but I wonder if it was a conscious decision for Hyde to use more bullets early while Givens and Tate weren't here, thinking they'll take on the load once they're back. Unfortunately Tate seems to still be unhealthy, and maybe Givens too given his velocity being 2mph down from last year.
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