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April 14th vs The Blue Jays


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Aubrey was being a bad boy!:P

Please, don't say that about Aubrey. It brings up such sickening images of the poor hotel clerk having to go over his bill with him...

Clerk: Ok Mr. Huff, that's an extra $10 for Debbie does Dallas, $10 for Suzie screws San Francisco, $10 for Betty blows Baltimore...

Aubrey: That last one was such a 'horsepoop' porno.

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Hey Cindy...wassup

Anyway, What were they saying about Aubrey not being able to get around on a heater so they gave him Right-Center.

I thought that Aubrey and Millar were dead red (is that the expression) Heater hitters??

(Speaking of which has anyone noticed that on the roadtrip someone said sometime that we are not hitting the fastball in general as a team. I guess teams change. from the mid nineties til recently, we were always a fastball team and not a curveball or finesse team, right? I guess things change. BoSox are beginning to steal again)

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