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vs. YANKEES, 9/03


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Game 2 (7:05)

<IMG SRC="http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_kRA0kohlwpI/TIQSBQQ2KRI/AAAAAAAADmY/_KuXbW6jxfg/s1600/Orioles+-+baby+bird+2009.gif" HEIGHT="80" WIDTH="80" BORDER="0"> |=======| <IMG SRC="http://jeffstrong.ca/wp/wp-content/uploads/2015/05/hat_render.png" HEIGHT="80" WIDTH="80" BORDER="0">

Team Records

73-61 |=======| 69-64

3rd, -3.0 |=======| 4th, -3.5*

Streaks / L10

+1, Lost 10 of 17 / 5-5 |=======| -1, Won 4 of 7 / 6-4

Team Offensive Rankings (AL)

BA: .260 (7th) |=======| BA: .254 (10th)

OPS: .769 (2nd) |=======| OPS: .721 (12th)

Runs: 624 (5th) |=======| Runs: 567 (11th)

HR: 209 (1st) |=======| HR: 148 (11th)

Last 7 Days

BA: .231 (12th) |=======| BA: .314 (1st)

OPS: .716 (11th) |=======| OPS: .844 (3rd)

Runs: 33 (10th) |=======| Runs: 47 (3rd)

HR: 14 (3rd) |=======| HR: 9 (10th)

Team Pitching Rankings (AL)

ERA: 4.48 (13th) |=======| ERA: 4.22 (10th)

WHIP: 1.41 (14th) |=======| WHIP: 1.24 (2nd)

BAA: .264 (13th) |=======| BAA: .247 (3rd)

TB: 1969 (11th) |=======| TB: 1894 (7th)

Last 7 Days

ERA: 6.65 (13th) |=======| ERA: 3.76 (8th)

WHIP: 1.61 (13th) |=======| WHIP: 1.16 (5th)

BAA: .317 (14th) |=======| BAA: .241 (5th)

TB: 153 (14th) |=======| TB: 103 (6th)


ERA: 4.93 (14th) |=======| ERA: 4.63 (11th)

WHIP: 1.44 (13th) |=======| WHIP: 1.30 (4th)

BAA: .272 (12th) |=======| BAA: .262 (9th)

TB: 1335 (12th) |=======| TB: 1289 (9th)


ERA: 3.75 (5th) |=======| ERA: 3.47 (4th)

WHIP: 1.34 (11th) |=======| WHIP: 1.13 (2nd)

BAA: .250 (8th) |=======| BAA: .219 (1st)

TB: 680 (13th) |=======| TB: 563 (2nd)

NEW: Quality Start minimum requirements

* - Game ERA must be 4.00 or less with at least six innings pitched


Kevin Gausman


3.73 (1.31/.266)


QS: 4


Gausman has 13 consecutive scoreless innings coming into this game and will look to put up three straight sub-4/6+ starts for the first time this season. He is having his best month by far with a 2.45 ERA in August. He may get it unless the Yankees manage to figure him out because they have not done that since Gausman hit the big leagues. He has been a true Yankee killer for the Orioles to this point in his career.

Splits & Sits

270 vs. left: .237/.279/.359, 7HR

323 vs. right: .290/.346/.455, 16HR

Bases Empty: .307

RISP: .207

RISP w/2 outs: .232

Men on w/2 outs: .202

Man on 3rd, < 2 outs: .250

2016 Home (24 starts)

(6-10) 3.73 (1.31/.266), 23HR

Career vs. NYY (9 starts, 6 relief)

(4-3) 2.04 (1.04/.228), 6HR

vs. Batter

Jacoby Ellsbury (25 AB) .160, 2B

Brett Gardner (22 AB) .318, 2 2B, HR, 2RBI

Brian McCann (22 AB) .182, 2RBI

Didi Gregorius (18 AB) .167

Mark Teixeira (17 AB) .235, HR, 2RBI

Starlin Castro (12 AB) .167, 2 2B

Chase Headley (11 AB) .273

Aaron Hicks (11 AB) .273, 2B

Rob Refsnyder 1/5, BB

Ronald Torreyes 2/5, 2B

Aaron Judge 0/3, 2K



CC Sabathia


4.31 (1.35/.253)

125K / 54BB, 16HR

QS: 10

Sabathia will make his second consecutive start against the Orioles after holding them to three runs in 6.2 innings at Yankee Stadium, but was outpitched by Kevin Gausman who he will face again here. Sabathia has allowed three runs or less in four of the last five starts and has pitched well against the Orioles this season good for a 2.49 (1.23/.226) line with only one home run allowed. Sabathia is winless in five starts at Camden Yards over the last three years though he seems to be a new pitcher this year.

Splits & Sits

122 vs. left: .204/.322/.279, 2HR

501 vs. right: .264/.328/.357, 14HR

Bases Empty: .225

RISP: .306

RISP w/2 outs: .300

Men on w/2 outs: .297

Man on 3rd, < 2 outs: .333

2016 Away (12 starts)

(6-3) 3.45 (1.25/.228), 7HR

Last 3 years vs. Baltimore (8 starts)

(2-3) 4.59 (1.25/.285), 6HR

Last 3 years @ Camden Yards (5 starts)

(0-3) 5.26 (1.26/.288), 5HR

vs. Batter

Adam Jones (67 AB) .284, 4 2B, 3B, 4HR, 14RBI

Nolan Reimold (41 AB) .341, 2 2B, 3B, 2HR, 5RBI

Manny Machado (40 AB) .325, 4 2B, HR, 7RBI

Matt Wieters (39 AB) .154, 2 2B, HR, 2RBI

J.J. Hardy (39 AB) .308, 5 2B, HR, 8RBI

Chris Davis (34 AB) .176, HR, 3RBI, 18K

Mark Trumbo (28 AB) .214, HR, 2RBI

Steve Pearce (21 AB) .286, 2B, S-HR

Jonathan Schoop (17 AB) .294, 2 2B, 2RBI

Michael Bourn (12 AB) .333, 3B, RBI

Ryan Flaherty 2/6, BB

Drew Stubbs 2/6

I never like to see anyone get injured especially a pitcher no matter what team they play for, but the Orioles got fortunate that Green came down with an elbow injury in the second inning which ultimately led to the essential home run derby inning needed to win on most nights and that was enough to break the Yankees' spirit for the rest of the game. Gardner getting picked off in the first inning kind of set the tone anyway and the Yankee loss started right there IMO. Bundy was still throwing 91-93 most of the game which is still not good despite the results he got mostly due to the factors already mentioned. The Orioles have the chance to take the series tomorrow in game two, but nothing is certain anymore with this team. They scored 15 runs in the series opener against Houston only to drop the next three including two blowouts. The pickoff of Gardner and the injury to Green in the second were the deciding factors here and the Yankees were never a factor and had no energy after the second inning. Sabathia has been tough on us this season, but Gausman is a Yankee killer so far in his career.

The Yankees have not been able to do much against Gausman pretty much ever and he has pitched well at home this season, so he is the man to beat in this one. Sabathia seems to have figured things out a bit this month though he did have two awful starts.

So, Toronto lost to the Rays and Houston will all but certainly lose to the Rangers down 10-3. Detroit is up 4-3 on KC in the fifth inning with the shaky Anibal Sanchez on the mound stumbling through the last two innings clinging to a one run lead. Boston and Seattle start their games shortly and I will update the WC standings eventually.

Almost lost this whole write up. Sure am glad this site has the option to auto reload content because I wasn't doing this again. Anyway, Houston almost came back on Texas, but lost 10-8. Detroit blew a 5-4 lead in the eighth and trailed 6-5 going into the ninth, but scored two runs of their own to take a 7-6 lead and win the game to remain tied with the Orioles for the WC spot. Boston leads Oakland 6-2 and after giving up four runs in the first inning, the M's exploded for 10 runs in the next two innings and lead 10-4 in the fourth inning.

Wild Card Standings

*Boston +2.0

*Baltimore --

*Detroit --

Houston -2.0

NY Yankees -3.5

KC Royals -4.0

Seattle -4.0

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I would have liked to have seen Stubbs get in on the action tonight, since a lefty is pitching for the Yanks, but it's Reimold again...

I'm going to hope that it's because Nolan has traditionally hit CC fairly well, and not just us running him out there because that's what we've been doing all year against lefties.

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