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Today's Draft: ESPN Prediction

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For those of you who cant wait until 2:00 for the real thing, here is what ESPN is predicting for us:

4. Baltimore -- Brian Matusz, LHP, San Diego

Word today has the Orioles preferring Matusz. Crow is also a strong possibility here, and the Orioles were willing to pay over slot last year. If the Royals pass on Hosmer for some reason (e.g., Pittsburgh takes Posey and K.C. takes Alvarez), the Orioles would likely switch up and take Hosmer.


I dont know... I'm not that excited about adding another pitcher to the farm system. Not that it would be a bad pick, I was just hoping for Beckham (if he's available - indications are that he wont be) or Smoak (who should be available).

I guess we will see when the whole thing goes down.

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Take Smoak and forget about Texeira

As much as I want/wanted Texeira I don't see it happening.

I completely agree with this pick and hope he is the pick. The only other person I would like to see but don't want to have to wait for a few years is Tim Beckham.

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I just think it would be really cool to have a 1B named "Smoak" (is it pronounced Smoke?). Since I don't have an intelligent opinion about any of them, I'll root for the guy who a) fills a need and b) has a cool name that I'm probably mispronouncing.

How's that for analysis? I can't believe Tony hasn't asked me to write an article analyzing the draft yet...:laughlol:

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For some reason I can easily see Smoak hitting 40 bombs year in, year out while Matsuz struggles in the majors for us.

Just a gut feeling. Has nothing to do with the past or anything...

If he even makes it that far...

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Why don't you guys like Matusz? 141 K's, 22 walks in 105 innings at San Diego doesn't sound too bad to me. We couild be replacing Bedard with him.

Nothing against Matusz. I think he's a stud.

It's just that we're in DESPERATE need of position players.

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Why don't you guys like Matusz? 141 K's, 22 walks in 105 innings at San Diego doesn't sound too bad to me. We couild be replacing Bedard with him.

Matusz would definitely be a solid pick at 1:4 but some concerns might be:

1. "He pitches backwards." This is probably overemphasized but his secondary pitches are stronger than his fastball and he pitches off of them. That is unappealing to some people.

2. Some mechanical concerns. He doesn't use his legs too well, stiff front leg and he doesn't utilize them to maximize velocity. Could be some injury concern there, nothing really scary though.

3. He projects out to have a #2 ceiling. He could be an ace, but most scouts don't see him reaching that level. Even though he's polished and is a relatively sure thing for an amateur pitcher, many would rather take a middle of the order bat (Smoak, Alvarez, Hosmer) than a possible #2 pitcher.

These aren't all my opinions, but some that have been expressed. Stotle and Greg (among others) have done a great job breaking down Matusz and the other top candidates in the amateur draft section. You* should check it out!

*The royal you.

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    • You guys that are worrying about blocking guys crack me up. If you aren’t adding in free agency you aren’t trying to win now. Besides the Os don’t have 7 allstar ballplayers coming up in the next 2 or 3 year.
    • Going from Mullins to Kiermaier is a downgrade and there is no proof that Cowser has anywhere close to the range of Mullins.   Better to keep Mullins and sign a FA starter. Stowers and Cowser will push Santander and Hays for playing time  in the near future but not quite yet.    I like the depth they provide.   Did you see how injuries hit Tampa last year?
    • Yes, they can.  But could they improve more by downgrading somewhat in CF to get a pitcher who’s a better option than anyone available on the FA market, age, health, ability and cost all considered?   That’s the question.   I’m not saying the answer is clear, but that is what Elias & co. need to consider.   And it depends on what Mullins would bring back and what the alternatives are in CF.   Trade Mullins straight up for Lopez and sign Kiermaier until Cowser is ready?   I am not crazy about that one.  But there could be some similar scenario that works.  
    • There are many ways to improve.  In my opinion starting pitching is our greatest weakness.  If we can trade from our strengths, position players, to enhance our pitching staff, then do it if the right deal came along.  I'd be willing to part with about any position player on our mlb roster other than Adley and Gunnar.  If Mullins is our most valuable trade piece on the roster, then trade him for pitching.  I feel we have enough young talent coming up to replace his production in the lineup. Let's be clear, I'm not advocating a firesale or anything goofy. But with Westburg, Ortiz, Stowers, Cowser, etc all possibly seeing MLB time this year and hopefully outperforming who they replace in the lineup, and a full year of Gunnar and Adley, I expect the runs scored to increase even if we don't add bats from free agency.  But it's the arms that worry me as Grod only 1 starter and will be limited on pitches.  I'm ok with trading a position starter if we can get a worthwhile pitcher, and Mullins may be the best chip to play.   And given that I'm down on him repeating a 3.8 WAR season or better in 2023, he'd be at the top of my list.  We will get more for him than we would for a Hays, Mateo or Urias.
    • But the O's can keep Mullins, improve at other positions and have a better team.
    • I think Carlos Rodon just makes too much sense. That’s the guy I would be targeting.
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