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Today's Draft: ESPN Prediction

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For those of you who cant wait until 2:00 for the real thing, here is what ESPN is predicting for us:

4. Baltimore -- Brian Matusz, LHP, San Diego

Word today has the Orioles preferring Matusz. Crow is also a strong possibility here, and the Orioles were willing to pay over slot last year. If the Royals pass on Hosmer for some reason (e.g., Pittsburgh takes Posey and K.C. takes Alvarez), the Orioles would likely switch up and take Hosmer.


I dont know... I'm not that excited about adding another pitcher to the farm system. Not that it would be a bad pick, I was just hoping for Beckham (if he's available - indications are that he wont be) or Smoak (who should be available).

I guess we will see when the whole thing goes down.

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Take Smoak and forget about Texeira

As much as I want/wanted Texeira I don't see it happening.

I completely agree with this pick and hope he is the pick. The only other person I would like to see but don't want to have to wait for a few years is Tim Beckham.

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I just think it would be really cool to have a 1B named "Smoak" (is it pronounced Smoke?). Since I don't have an intelligent opinion about any of them, I'll root for the guy who a) fills a need and b) has a cool name that I'm probably mispronouncing.

How's that for analysis? I can't believe Tony hasn't asked me to write an article analyzing the draft yet...:laughlol:

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For some reason I can easily see Smoak hitting 40 bombs year in, year out while Matsuz struggles in the majors for us.

Just a gut feeling. Has nothing to do with the past or anything...

If he even makes it that far...

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Why don't you guys like Matusz? 141 K's, 22 walks in 105 innings at San Diego doesn't sound too bad to me. We couild be replacing Bedard with him.

Nothing against Matusz. I think he's a stud.

It's just that we're in DESPERATE need of position players.

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Why don't you guys like Matusz? 141 K's, 22 walks in 105 innings at San Diego doesn't sound too bad to me. We couild be replacing Bedard with him.

Matusz would definitely be a solid pick at 1:4 but some concerns might be:

1. "He pitches backwards." This is probably overemphasized but his secondary pitches are stronger than his fastball and he pitches off of them. That is unappealing to some people.

2. Some mechanical concerns. He doesn't use his legs too well, stiff front leg and he doesn't utilize them to maximize velocity. Could be some injury concern there, nothing really scary though.

3. He projects out to have a #2 ceiling. He could be an ace, but most scouts don't see him reaching that level. Even though he's polished and is a relatively sure thing for an amateur pitcher, many would rather take a middle of the order bat (Smoak, Alvarez, Hosmer) than a possible #2 pitcher.

These aren't all my opinions, but some that have been expressed. Stotle and Greg (among others) have done a great job breaking down Matusz and the other top candidates in the amateur draft section. You* should check it out!

*The royal you.

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    • Works for me,  as long as the first piece is a Norby type!  Only one of Ortiz/Westburg/Cowser/Kjerstad should be traded for Cease.  Let them pick one of them and a couple in the 8-15 range then a lottery pick or two if needed.  But giving up 2 of those is to pricy for the return.  I like Cease, but personally value him as a very solid #3 starter.  Sure, he COULD perform better than that,  but I wouldn't bet on it.  Maybe he reverts back to his 2022 form, but I think it more likely that what we get is what we saw from him in 2023, with an improvement in numbers due to the defense behind him. 
    • Exited about this kid and the future of our international signings. We have to remember the initial reporting don’t mean a whole lot. We’ve had success in the 100-500 k range too.
    • Downtown restaurants should like this too.  Much better for any local entertainment venues.
    • Cease is a solid MLB starting pitcher with 2 years of control  who's team has clearly made it known that he's available.  Of course there is a lot of interest.  There is a lot of interest in the Orioles' prospects, as well.  Fans of both teams are hopeful that their team will get maximum value for their assets in any trade.  I'm sure that it is sometimes difficult for GMs to reach a meeting of the minds on a player's value, in which case they need to work out a restructure of the discussed deal that may not include that player.  I think Elias' opinion on Ortiz is likely to be pretty close to what posters on this site are telling you.  If the White Sox GM views Ortiz as you do, it would seem that a deal between the two teams would most likely not have Ortiz included.  I'm sure that isn't all that unusual and the GMs just turn the page and look at working out a trade involving other players/prospects.  What confuses me is that you seem to rate Ortiz lower than we do and lower than the various sites rate him, but would like a trade of Cease for Cowser and Ortiz.  I'm against that deal because I think 2 prospects rated that highly would be an overpay.  It seems to me, you agree.  You simply rate Ortiz lower.  Seems to me that the answer in such an impasse that would make both parties happy would be to replace Ortiz with another prospect that is lower rated than Ortiz -- which would be of equal value in your mind, since you rate Ortiz lower and still think the proposed trade is a fair one.  Make sense?  Maybe replace Ortiz with Norby.
    • I would definitely do Westburg  and Cowser.
    • 100% agree with you.  Especially when you haves waves of prospects coming up behind these guys.
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