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Welp, are we officially worried about Bundy?


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48 minutes ago, Frobby said:

I would enjoy watching that, whether or not he’ll be with us in 2018.    A career year from Manny would be pretty spectacular to witness.    And might carry this team further than some think it can go.  

I'm thinking MVP.

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3 hours ago, interloper said:

Connolly confirmed on twitter he was mixing in other pitches as well. If true, that's a bit concerning. For me, anyway.

That’s what spring training is for.

If his velocity is down a bunch or his mechanics were off, that’d concern me, but performance wise, I don’t care about veteran spring training performance. Sure you might be able to see a new swing, pitch, approach or batting stance. There is big time danger reading into 50 AB or 10 inning of pitching. Numbers in that small of a sample aren’t close to being reliable in season, much less in spring training when it doesn’t count.

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15 hours ago, mall-O-cup said:

A big fat contract from the New York Yankees at the conclusion of the coming season.   ;)

After a bidding war.

Back to the OP: I'm not going to worry about Bundy yet. Too many other, more glaring problems to worry about: 3/5 of the rotation, Davis, Trumbo, RF, Jones' defense in CF  . . . 

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Bundy essentially had to get 4 outs in the 4th inning, due to the lead-off batter reaching on an error.


15 OUTS: ) 5 Strikeouts, 4 Flyouts, 3 Groundouts (Including 1 Double Play), 1 Popout, 1 Caught Stealing


DYLAN MATTHEW BUNDY )))))))) (vs. PIRATES, 3/12) )))))))) [Spring Training]


H:llll. ) l(2 Doubles, 5 Singles)

R:llll  1



Pitches: l) 84  )(56 )Strikes, )28)Balls)

2018 ERA: l)  10.61 ll [Spring Training]  )  9.33 IP  (11 Runs) 

2018 WHIP: l)  2.251 ll [Spring Training]  )  9.33 IP  (21 H/BB) 

2018 OPPONENTS BATTING AVG: l)  .400 )(18 for 45) ll [Spring Training]




18 ll(12 llStrikes, llllllBalls)

17 ll(12 llStrikes, lllll.Balls)

16 lll(81 llStrikes, lllll.Balls)

18 lll(11 llStrikes, lllll.Balls)

15 lll(13 llStrikes, lllll.Balls)



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6 minutes ago, Aristotelian said:

Bundy sentiment upgraded from "worried" to "concerned". 

Brach downgraded from "feeling okay" to "nervous".

No real reason to be concerned about Bundy. He looks like himself.

Brach, I dunno.

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D'Arnaud's solo home run in the 2nd inning came on a 3-0 count.

Although he only walked one batter, Bundy also had 2 hit batsmen, giving out 3 free passes in 5.67 innings pitched.

The Orioles' defense botched an easy out on a rundown in the 5th inning, allowing Brandon Nimmo to get back to 1st base safely on (what was) a botched steal attempt in the first place.

71% of the outs that Bundy recorded (12 out of 17) came via the Strikeout and the Groundout.



17 OUTS: ) 6 Strikeouts, 6 Groundouts, 3 Flyouts, 1 Foulout, 1 Lineout


DYLAN MATTHEW BUNDY )))))))) (vs. METS, 3/18) )))))))) [Spring Training]


H:llllll ) l(1 Home Run, 1 Triple, 1 Double, 2 Singles)

R:lllll  5

ER:l.  4

BB:llll)) *


Pitches: l) 96  )(60 )Strikes, )36)Balls) )) [Per Roch Kubatko]

2018 ERA: l)  9.00 ll [Spring Training]  )  15.00 IP  (15 Runs) 

2018 WHIP: l)  1.800 ll [Spring Training]  )  15.00 IP  (27 H/BB) 

2018 OPPONENTS BATTING AVG: l)  .343 )(23 for 67) ll [Spring Training]


* )) Bundy also had 2 Hit Batsmen




16 ll(10 llStrikes, llll61 l.Balls)

12 lll(71 llStrikes, llll51 lllBalls)

19 lll(12 llStrikes, llll71 llBalls)

11 lll(71 llStrikes, llll41 l.Balls)

27 lll(17 llStrikes, ll10 lll.Balls)

11 lll(71 llStrikes, llll1llBalls) )) **


** )) Bundy recorded 2 outs before departing in the 6th inning.



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