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Trey Mancini accepts invitation, will participate in Home Run Derby


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This is interesting and I think a lot of people look at sports this way.  But my view has changed considerably.  I grew up with the golden years and saw some of the best Orioles teams play.  Then got to see Cal become a cornerstone.  In hindsight, I'd trade Ripken in a heart beat if it meant that there were 4 more titles after 1983 till now.  Now, in fairness, the Orioles haven't sucked because of Cal, it has largely sucked because of ownership.  But I cheer for the uniform.  

I really admire some of the players the Orioles have had.  Adam Jones, Manny, Good Chris, JJ Hardy of course, Melvin Mora.  No doubt I am leaving off some.  There have been lots of good players we have had to see go.  There may be no finer person since Brooks to wear an Oriole uniform than Trey Mancini.  His story and perseverance is tremendous.

But if he'd bring us a quality SS and #3 SP with 3-4 years of control or more each, I wouldn't blink to move him.

And I would like to see him be an Oriole.  I would love him to be here forever and be the guy holding the WS trophy in the locker room.  But I would be very happy rooting for him elsewhere also becuase people like Trey, you just want to see be successful.

$ renders his staying difficult.  Unless he is very open to risk management contract, he won't fit here.  Its as unfair for him to be expected to take less money as it is to expect the Orioles to commit FA dollars.  

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