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Oscar Salazar removed from 40 man roster


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I think wild overreactions and knee-jerk defenses of the front office are a lot more of a problem than a few guys saying "it would be nice if the team valued Ken Phelps All Stars who can hit over random arms with track records of abysmal failure like Alfredo Simon."

Mild criticism of relatively minor moves can be made without the Andy MacPhail Defense Fund feeling a need to file a round of lawsuits.

I don't think we had a bunch-o-pages due to "mild criticism". The idea that the critical voices were oh-so-mild-and-reasonable, and that those who didn't buy it were part of the "AM Defense Fund" is itself a rhetorical defense of the typical overreactions that bash the FO for any little thing.

In fact, there were mild and reasonable views on both sides.

As for which side contributed the extreme reactionary views, a brief reading of the threads in question might be illuminating.

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    • A lot of teams are pretty injured and have worse depth than us. I'm not saying that's the reason, but it's a reason to believe maybe we can maintain our offense throughout the season better than other teams. 
    • This is probably as close to clicking on all cylinders as most teams get.  In any given 24-game period, some guys will be up and others down.  We have 9 players with an OPS+ of 116 or higher.  The four guys you mentioned will have hotter periods, and someone else will be cold then.  That’s baseball.  But the ratio of hot players to cold ones is really good right now. 
    • I don’t see it.  Project guy.  Good upside but can’t see that in the first round. I think they go corner with the first pick unless someone unexpectedly drops. The assumption has been Oline but I think the draft is so deep and so many teams will be taking tackles that the Ravens will elect to wait until later in the draft to get Oline and WR help. Its not a deep corner draft, so getting one early makes sense. If they trade up, I wouldn’t think they trade anything higher than a 4th..could move up 3-6 spots. Trade back will likely get them a pick for next year.
    • Gunnar is our Kyle Tucker but at a more premium position.  
    • I said Gunnar earlier. Before this season, I could have seen a case for Adley.  And I love Adley, great hitter (I don't think he's ever going to be a big power guy, but plate approach, contact, key hits, he's great) leader, heart and soul, etc.   But it's clearly Gunnar.  I didn't expect him to be this good, this fast.  He's separating himself from the rest of the pack, not only on this team but throughout the league. Whether or not an extension can happen is a different story altogether.  But Gunnar's the guy I'd go with first.
    • It is early, but the O's have some clear holes that will prevent a World Series run this season. And it looks like there are some teams playing there way out of contention already, barring a massive improvement in performance, making them likely sellers. At a quick glance, here are the teams that already could be looking to sell at the deadline. Some teams on the list made some offseason moves that signaled they are looking to compete. But early returns aren't looking good, and now they have an old team with pieces someone may find helpful, and without much talent in the pipeline. Tier 1 Losers Rockies White Sox Marlins Tier 2  - Not Looking Good Oakland Giants Angels Astros Cardinals Nationals I haven't really taken much look at the rosters to see what pieces could help us. So, who is selling? And Which of their pitchers have a chance to be on the market?  
    • I still feel like our offense isn't clicking on all cylinders yet. Santander has been down, Adley hasn't found alot of extra base power, Holliday has been a black hole so far, Hays was bad and now injured, Urias hasn't hit well.
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