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Tejada dropping out of WBC

Boy Howdy

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Tejada likely was not going to play shortstop for the Dominican Republic, so he and the Astros decided it would be better for him to work on his position this spring at Osceola County Stadium with the club.

“This way he’d continue his routine,” Cooper said. “ I think he would really tell you it really helped him last year to be a better defensive player. And I think he might have gotten away from it a little bit when he was playing with the Orioles. And he got it back last year and he was a very, very good shortstop last year. So I’m tickled that he’s here. We’ll get him on his routine and we’ll go from there.”

Nonetheless, the decision wasn’t an easy one for the man known in the Dominican Republic as “the Nation’s Ballplayer.”

“I have always been proud to wear my country’s jersey and carry our flag,” Tejada said. “But I have to work here.”

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Miggy's back in. Sounds like some ego-fluffing might've been involved.
I'm not surprised. If I were the Astros, and his lawyer, I'd probably advise him not to leave the country on the heels of his perjury to Congress. It could get sticky for him re-entering the country. Probably not. But possible.

edit: Oh, so you mean he's actually going? Interesting. I honestly wouldn't if I were he.

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