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Offense is down in MLB this year — but not in Baltimore


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All offseason some were fretting the 1-run wins, pythag, no Bautista, etc.  I didn't think it would be as crazy as our concerns because our hitters are on their ascent or have high floors.

Will the 2027 Orioles supplant the 1927 Yankee lore?  ;) Let’s go!

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1 minute ago, Bahama O's Fan said:

I still feel like our offense isn't clicking on all cylinders yet. Santander has been down, Adley hasn't found alot of extra base power, Holliday has been a black hole so far, Hays was bad and now injured, Urias hasn't hit well.

This is probably as close to clicking on all cylinders as most teams get.  In any given 24-game period, some guys will be up and others down.  We have 9 players with an OPS+ of 116 or higher.  The four guys you mentioned will have hotter periods, and someone else will be cold then.  That’s baseball.  But the ratio of hot players to cold ones is really good right now. 

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23 minutes ago, Bahama O's Fan said:

I still feel like our offense isn't clicking on all cylinders yet. Santander has been down, Adley hasn't found alot of extra base power, Holliday has been a black hole so far, Hays was bad and now injured, Urias hasn't hit well.

But when Santander gets hot or Adley goes on a power run someone else might start slumping. Cowser is not going to have a 1.139 OPS forever, nor will Mountcastle likely end the year with a .385 OBP. I think this offense is about as good as anyone could have hoped for.

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The Orioles have a wRC+ as a team of 128, which is better than the wRC+ for any single Orioles hitter last year - Adley was 127 and Gunnar 123 (although Hicks was 129 in his ~200 ABs).

That’s the second best in baseball, behind only Atlanta at 128, and a good bit ahead of the Dodgers at 122, who are both riding unsustainably high BABIPs (.340 and .328; by comparison, league average is .290 and the Orioles are .294). 

Despite walking at a very low rate as a team, the Orioles are doing it by being by far the best power hitting team in baseball. Their .199 ISO is far ahead of the Braves second at .184, and the league average is .143. I think power numbers usually go up as weather gets warmer too, so that should only increase.

The top team wRC+ last year were the Braves at 125, and then 4 teams between 112 and 118. So the Orioles will almost certainly cool off to some degree. But I also think we could see the walk rate tick up as the scouting reports adjust - Gunnar, Westburg and Cowser in particular have been hitting for huge power at low walk rates (for Cowser, until 3 walks last night), so I could see there being a trade off of walks for less power if pitchers are more careful pitching in-zone to them going forward. 

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Yeah, I was looking at our OPS numbers last night. Updated for today, we have two guys over 1.000, four guys over .900, and eight guys .736 (116 OPS+) or higher. So almost our entire lineup is above average or better with four guys producing at an elite level. 

Cowser 1.139/232

Gunnar 1.022/199

Westburg .941/176

O'Hearn .938/175

Mountcastle .866/157

Rutschman .786/135

Santander .741/118

Mullins .736/116

We also have Mateo off the bench at .746/120 and McCann .667/96, slightly below average but not too shabby for a backup C. 

Whenever I get the road announcers, they are always talking up our offense. Even when we are down, whenever we get a couple runners they say "here comes that Orioles offense again, they are relentless and they are never out of a game."

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8 minutes ago, interloper said:

A lot of teams are pretty injured and have worse depth than us. I'm not saying that's the reason, but it's a reason to believe maybe we can maintain our offense throughout the season better than other teams. 

Regarding the overall league offensive environment, I think it’s less injuries/depth and more to do with putridness of CWS and MIA offenses, with COL not much better.  Those three are wRC+ of 62, 67, 75 respectively. Most years shake out with the worst team around 80.

FYI the Os are currently 127 wRC+ only trailing the LAD 128.  Also note that Os are second in BSR, only trailing CIN, with CIN, Os, KCR significantly better than rest of league. 

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I hope this thread doesn't start a jinx!!!!!!! 😀 Waving my anti-jinx wand!!!!  Baseball is a game of averages. Don't assume anything long term - as sure as it may seem. Just cross fingers and enjoy the now. 

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20 minutes ago, CaptainRedbeard said:


The top team wRC+ last year were the Braves at 125, and then 4 teams between 112 and 118.

Its worth mentioning those 2023 Braves also have the seasonal wRC+ record since integration, beating the peak Astros, Big Red Machine, Harvey's Wallbangers, whatever Jeter/Manny Yankees/Red Sox unit is your favorite, etc.

The 2024 Orioles and Braves are on top of them all right now if you split seasons, but that's just like Luis Arraez hitting .450 25 games into the season.    I believe Sigbot expects Holliday, Mayo and Basallo to all be more than Westburg, so either Elias is going to get his biggest bust sometime in the next few years or there's a chance the run production will be pretty special.


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    • If every major sport can have reply for impactful calls, then baseball needs to follow suit ASAP.  Yes, we can reply certain things in mlb, but the technology is there and it is being used in the minors with great success for strikes/balls. It makes 0 sense to keep letting awful calls by the umpire impact the outcome of games.
    • Now back to Gunnar, Gunnar is in the midst of most likely the greatest individual season in Orioles history. And we have 21/22 pages on him and what 80 on Holliday? 
    • https://www.mlb.com/news/juan-soto-mookie-betts-lead-second-2024-mvp-award-poll?partnerId=it-20240521-9913924-mlb-1-A&utm_id=it-20240521-9913924-mlb-1-A&lctg=225315104   Article about MVP race. What do those two have or do that Gunnar doesn't?
    • I agree with the part of your post of maybe trying Cowser with his higher OBP and prior saying to get on base at the top of the lineup and maybe moving Gunnar into the 3 hole to give him an opportunity to hit with men on base. And I can even go along with Westburg in the cleanup spot though I would hate to move O’Hearn down in the lineup. But it is clear that those 5 are the best hitters on the team. However, I do not agree with “phasing out” Mullins, Hays, and especially Santander. That’s 3 outfielders with MLB track records (Mullins and Santander have especially good track records). I don’t leave in the fantasy land that we can bring up prospects to outproduce solid MLB guys (right away). The empirical data in 2024 suggests that the notion is a pipe dream more than something that has a lot of merit. Very few (even top prospects in the last couple of years) come to MLB right away, hit the ground running, and been good offensive players. I know fans don’t like hearing this, but it takes time. Elias’ philosophy of “one acclimating young player/prospect/rookie at a time” appears to be the most prudent approach. Our best/most realistic hope for improvement this season IMO lies with 2 things - 1) Finding a a guy or two at the back end of the pen who can get strikeouts consistently/nail things down. 2) One or two of the veteran outfielders breaking out of their slumps and getting things going. 3) Mateo continuing to be a functional offensive player at the bottom of the order. (That last one is particularly hard for me to say/admit because of how much I love Holliday. But right now he is not ready to contribute at the MLB level. And that’s okay because he’s still on 20).
    • This is quite a development if true. Wonder what that might say about Bradfield.  The only way to find out is if Jackson starts getting starts in CF.
    • I doubt Bradfield would be top 50 even with those numbers.  No doubt that Etzel has outplayed Bradfield and has exceeded all expectations, however.  
    • Gunnar has already had 19 more PA than the #2 most (Adley), 22 more PA than the #3 most (Santander), 27 more PA than #4 (Westburg), and 29 more PA than #5 (Mountcastle).  That is just over 1/4 of the season.   Batting him 4th means that he will very often get only 4 PA per game instead of 5, and that 5th PA will take place at a critical time in the 9th inning.  He hits a HR every 12.6 PAs (this year & every 19.9 PA career) so batting him second is coughing up 1-2 HR so far this season, 3rd or 4th is -3HR....and that's in just a little over 1/4 of the season.  So, by moving him to 3rd or 4th you're taking away ~10HR over the course of a full season.    Instead of putting him lower in the line-up, I'd like to see a higher OBP guy in front of him in the 9 spot.  Gunnar has the tools to be a tremendous lead-off hitter.  
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