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If Taillon's gone, why not Colon?

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Keith Law is now projecting that the Pirates will take Jameson Taillon at 1:2. The O's were (rightly) projected to take Taillon if available, but they have to be prepared for the possibility that both Harper and Taillon will be gone.

I'm wondering why there doesn't seem to be much enthusiasm for Christian Colon. He's considered a well-above average defensive shortstop, and a much better bet to stick there than Machado. He projects to hit for a good average with gap power. And he appears to have command of the strike zone--he's walked over twice as often as he's struck out this season. As a college player, he has less downside risk and has a better chance of being ready for the big leagues quickly.

He sounds like the next Jason Bartlett to me, maybe minus a few steals. I don't know about you, but that sounds like just what this franchise needs. If Taillon is gone, this is the guy I think we should take.

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Pro and Con

Pro-Has a shot to stay at SS

Con-He's no lock to stay there

Pro-Good Athleticism

Con-Average Speed, how will that hold up in 5 years?

Pro-Had a good season at the plate

Con-No one is certain if he can remain a good hitter

Pro-Position of need (SS) Insurance (2B)

Con-He could be ordinary at both positions.

I think there is just a heavier amount of risk involved with colon. No one will tell you he won't be a good prospect. It's just that he's no certainty.

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I really believe that if Tallion is gone we go the college route and take Harvey,Pomeranz, or Colon. I hope im wrong but its just a gut feeling.

If that is what they do, I vote for Colon. He is a ML ready defensive SS right now. His path to the ML's will be a short one. We could certainly do worse than that.

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