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Is Bell turning a corner vs. LHP?


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I posted this in the other forum in a thread about Tony's radio appearance today, but thought it really belonged over here.

At the start of the year the Tides almost never saw a LHP, and in Bell's first 26 vs. LHP, he was hitting .080/.111/.160 against them. Since then, he has had 36 PA vs. LHP and has hit .313/.389/.406 against them. So, while his overall numbers vs. LHP still look poor (.211/.270/.298 in 62 PA), he has done much better over the last month or so. Also, he has only 10 K's in 62 PA vs. LHP, which is a nice improvement over 2009 when he had 31 K's in 146 PA (and hit .198/.280/.267 v. LHP). So stay tuned, Bell may be making some headway here.

Update -- Bell is now .233/.296/.356 overall vs. southpaws. So, he has gone .313/.389/.458 vs. LHP over his last 54 PA vs. LHP (15 for 48 with 7 2B and 6 BB).

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It's nice that he's doing well for a brief moment, and we can hope that he's putting to bed most concerns about him being merely a platoon player. But remember David Newhan once had a 62-PA streak where he hit .429/.484/.714. Against everyone.

Yeah, it is still a small sample size. Still, I'd rather see Bell having some success than falling on his face in a half-season of AB vs. LHP at the AAA level.

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