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Dynamic Ticket pricing- New York Mets

Woody Held

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Me and the wife do a road trip with the O's every year. This year we are heading up to Citi Feld to see the O's vs the Mets. I was looking for single game ticket information and came across this. Seems the Met's are not the first to do this. Look for the O's to jump on the band wagon soon


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I believe that fans will find this annoying. I do not see the Orioles adopting this right away. Angelos has been slow to raise ticket prices and and adopt the "prime games" tiered ticket pricing.

So, ticket prices may be reduced based on demand, but they would never be lower than season ticket prices. However, they will be able to raise ticket prices based on demand. What would the price ceiling then be? I don't like this. I understand that they want you to buy your ticket early, but this (along with the day-of increases) is just a blatant display of greed.

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I took a peek at the A's website (which is listed as one of the teams with dynamic pricing along with the Diamondbacks, White Sox, Giants and Cardinals). And this looks like a smart thing. When demand is low, reduce your prices to draw in more fans. The Nationals do this, and I'm guilty of attending those games.

Here's what the Cardinals say. I'm sorry, but I tend to read right past the whloe "provide our fans with the best value" language. They state that they can raise (or lower) prices daily based on team performance, pitching matchups, and the weather. Your team is performing poorly, but Verlander and the Tigers are coming to town and the weather is going to be just right. So, they can then raise ticket prices. I don't think that's right.

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I've attended a Met game for $10 and it's easy to park at Citi Field for free FWIW.

Or you can ride the number 7 train, which is John Rocker's favorite.

My lady friend lives in Queens, and that train is always nuts. Its packed all the time, even at 4 am.

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