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Dear Orioles, Here is what you should do with Kevin Gregg:


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Send him to Delmarva to be Bundy's bullpen catcher.

Just kidding.

Cut him, I was in favor of giving him a shot to see if he could get back to average this season but it doesn't look likely and I would rather cut him now and bring up a fresh arm for the bullpen on this road trip.

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Release him......assuming the Sox, MFY, Rays and Jays don't want him for free.

The Yanks certainly won't want him. Did you see what their bullpen did to us? And what their hitters did to Gregg? :)

Boston, on the other hand, might show interest....

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Step 1: Get the game film (the Gregg part) from today.

Step 2: Send the film to every pitcher in the system and make them watch it.

Step 3: Buy Gregg a first class ticket to anyplace other than Chicago or Baltimore.

Step 4: Film the aforementioned plane ride.

Step 5: Repeat step 2.

Step 6: Send out an organization wide communication including one question: "Based on what you've seen here today, do you want to be this guy?"

The prosecution rests........

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Ok, I realize there are other threads on him, but this isn't even reactionary. Is there a single person out there who feels confident when he comes into a game (aside from Buck, apparently)?? He is God awful, straight garbage. If he's not the guy to leave town when Wada comes up, I will be nothing short of shocked - I wouldn't even have him on the plane going to Chicago right now. Waiting around for some team to eat any part of his salary is just plain stupid. No self-respecting team would take him and put him on their 25-man roster at this point.

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