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6/19: Orioles at Tigers

Don Quixote

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Too many guys on this team don't walk enough. Jones is the most extreme of the bunch.

Even Nick doesn't walk as much as he used to. Earlier in his career, he posted on-base percentages around .400.

Not really. Aside from .408 in '08 when he took 99 walks (he hasn't had a total or rate close before or since), he's ranged from .347 to .370 (entire career).

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25 pitches already .

While I think he can (and needs) to get better, this seems to be par for the course with Tillman. He uses too many itches, especially early, but seems to battle through it and more often than not since last season delivers a QS and gives the O's a chance to win. Definitely needs to be more pitch efficient to continue his development, but I dont believe its something to be overly concerned about in a given game at this point (it's not a bad sign regarding the outing).

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