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vs. Red Sox 7-28


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It could be worse.

It could be the Yankees or the Red Sox that have won 21 of their last 24 games.

It might have been better if the Sox won that much, then we'd most likely be comfortably in 2nd. OTOH, we would be further from 1st.

I always root for the Orioles and the White Sox, and then against the Yankees and the Red Sox (in that particular order) until the final 2 weeks of the season. Then and only then do would I ever root for the Yankees or the Red Sox to win if it so happens to behoove the Orioles' playoff chances. Too much can change before then for me to not enjoy their (the Yankees and the Red Sox) losing games until then (the final 2 weeks of the season.)

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9 freaking pitches this inning...ridiculous.

7. Truly pathetic. Our offense is just terrible 4/5 games a week, and then awesome 1/2 games a week. That's why we can't go on a nice winning stretch, because they completely disappear way too often. Feast or famine. Feast or famine...

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