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vs. Red Sox 7-28


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Cabrera is creeping up on the Triple Crown again. He'll probably get 2 in a row. Amazing, really.

Imagine if he wins two consecutive Triple Crowns, and then it comes out that HE'S using P.E.D.'s, also ???

They might start a 12-step group for major league baseball players that DON'T use steroids and/or H.G.H.

"Hi. I'm Adam. And I've never used performance enhancing drugs in my entire career."

"Hi, Adam."

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Adam could've walked, too. Pitch 6 was about a foot and a half too high, and pitch 7 was at least 2 or 3 feet low and outside. But at least Adam is producing of late.

This offense makes me :angryfire::angryfire::angryfire::angryfire::angryfire::angryfire::angryfire::angryfire::angryfire::angryfire:

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