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3/7 vs. Red Sox at Ed Smith


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    • I have been a big proponent of maybe JH being third best among that above list.  However, when you look at athleticism, eye, contact, and position flexibility it might be that he is the most sensible to hold onto for the future. This team needs a guy that gets on base, keeps the Ks down, and can play multiple positions if necessary.  I would keep them all though and just get a number 3 and a big bullpen arm. 
    • This is a great site, no doubt. But for a few weeks I get 403 errors when I try to post. I've only been able to get a few to go through like this one. I know this is frustrating for Tony too. Fingers crossed things will start working properly soon.
    • My order to trade of the big 3? From the most likely I would trade to the least? JH. Basallo.  Mayo. 
    • There’s a lot of interesting hypothetical/philosophical debate here, but realistically, this just is not going to happen.  The Tigers are in a position where they don’t have to trade Skubal unless someone bowls them over with an offer that substantially overbears their desire to keep him. And regardless of whether it’s wise or not, they’re just not going to get such an offer from Mike Elias.  Mike and Sig have been working together for 17+ seasons now, across three separate organizations. In all those years, the best prospect their organization(s) have ever traded is either Franklin Perez (for Justin Verlander) or Brett Wallace (ironically enough, for Matt Holliday). Both of those guys came in around #40 in the prospect rankings the year they were dealt. They’ve never come close to dealing any young player with the sort of prestige that is attached to all three of these guys we’re discussing — let alone multiple such guys in one deal. And it’s probably worth noting that the two guys they did actually ship off top 50 prospects for (Verlander and Holliday) were both very established veteran players with lengthy track records of success and extreme durability. We could argue about whether Skubal has established himself from a production standpoint, but no one outside of Detroit talk radio could possibly argue that he’s demonstrated any sort of durability. I find it impossible to believe that Elias is going to trade multiple top 20 (or top 50, if Kjerstad is the second piece) prospects for a guy with Skubal’s limited background. It just isn’t a match, unless DET’s actual asking price is much less than folks are projecting. And I don’t think it will be.
    • It mayo’s defense is as bad as everyone says it is, he’ll be Vlad Jr.
    • No I originally made this thread last year, and continued it with part 2 on June 25 of this year.  They are 11 and 11 since.  Not bad.  Not great.  But not going to win  a WS playing this way.
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