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Fangraphs: Building a bullpen


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The "least risky" way to build a bullpen is internally. Ideally, you develop your own guys and ease them in, in a less stressful role, then put them into the fire. You augment by adding a player here or there? via free agency or trade to round out your relief staff.


"If you draft somebody, or sign somebody internationally, and he comes up through the system and you're counting on him to take over somebody's role, and it?s cost-efficient for the organization, and he gets injured, or for some reason doesn-t perform to expectations, that puts a whole monkey wrench in your organization. It creates a hole and you have to go out and get somebody else."

All too often, "somebody else" has ended up being a failed fireman.


"There is more than one way to put a bullpen together, and sometimes it works out and sometimes it doesn't."

Sometimes, your best is not good enough.

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    • Wow. Don't like the sound of that.  It might be Povich time. 
    • Our pets' heads are falling off
    • Dean on IL, right triceps strain.
    • Cedric Mullins has had an above average career and is currently an above replacement level player despite his slump. Stating that he is an average or below average player is not factually accurate. He has been worth 12.8 rWAR in his career to this point, which puts him just outside the top 50 on the Orioles career WAR leader. Dauer and Nieman are tied at 49th with 14.4 WAR (as Orioles). Mullins might not be a superstar but he has been an above average player or good player during his Orioles career. I think anyone saying something to the contrary is allowing the current slump to cloud the view of what has been a good career to this point.
    • Means has been worth 10.3 rWAR over 401 career IP.  He put up a 4.4 in 2019, 1.0 in the Covid 2020 season and 3.6 in 2021, his seasons where he did not miss significant time due to injury.  Mullins has not been good since last July for sure, but from 2021-2023 he put up 12.7 rWAR averaging about 4.2 per season.   So, I'm not sure you know what the word "average" means.  
    • There’s already an exception for infield fly rule when a runner is unintentionally hit by batted ball when in contact with a base.    The rule would be for an infield fly, if there is interference and contact was unintentional and the interference did not impede the fielder’s ability to make a play (e.g., there was no reasonable chance to double up runner(s) before they retouched, the fielder wasn’t disadvantaged on a tag up) then the batter is out, the ball is dead, and the runners return to their original bases. Should this be limited to infield fly rule? How would people feel if the same play and call happened yesterday without a runner on first?
    • Man, the Mets one is terrible.  Is that a female gender symbol on Hershiser?   Compared to some of the City Connects I've seen, I don't mind the Rockies and Giants jerseys.   The Mariners jersey is as bad as I remember it.  
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