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4/17/08 Pale Hose at Orioles

Why Not?

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Chicago White Sox at Baltimore

Starting Lineups

Chicago White Sox HR, RBI, Avg. ----Baltimore HR, RBI, Avg.

Nick Swisher CF 2, 4, .267 -----------Brian Roberts 2B 1, 5, .286

Orlando Cabrera SS 1, 4, .245 ---------Melvin Mora 3B 3, 6, .236

Jim Thome DH 3, 10, .184 ---------Nick Markakis RF 2, 5, .320

Paul Konerko 1B 2, 11, .196 ----------Kevin Millar 1B 2, 7, .232

Jermaine Dye RF 2, 5, .346 ---------Luke Scott LF 1, 6, .383

A.J. Pierzynski C 2, 9, .405 ---------Aubrey Huff DH 2, 12, .245

Carlos Quentin LF 2, 13, .214 -------Adam Jones CF 1, 3, .261

Joe Crede 3B 4, 16, .288 -----------Guillermo Quiroz C 0, 0, .222

Juan Uribe 2B 1, 4, .156 -----------Luis Hernandez SS 0, 3, .222

W, L, ERA -------------------------W, L, ERA

Gavin Floyd P 2, 0, 2.02------------ Jeremy Guthrie P 0, 1, 4.34

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Alright! Who's ready to see local boy Gavin Floyd pitch a no-hitter at Camden Yards! :D

On the plus side, they're doing "Covering the Bases" with BRob tonight. :D (That smile's for real.)

Geez, im stil trying to get over just hearing that the O's have the worst 1st inning ERA.:)

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Somehow I feel like Daniel CaBBrera will ALWAYS be in our rotation, no matter how long it takes him to "develop."

I'd say of all the pitchers we currently have, he's most likely to be here. Only because he has a pretty decent ability to stay healthy and log some innings, which wouldn't be bad if he were just our worst starter.

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Does it bother anybody else that Gary Thorne always seems surprised that the runners are going with the count 3-2 and 2 outs?

I think Gary Thorne should be up in Philly tonight covering the Caps and Flyers game. I think thats where e rather be.

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