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4/17/08 Pale Hose at Orioles

Why Not?

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Oh, my apologies... I misinterpreted the rolled eyes, Brian was just trying to move too quickly, I'm not sure they could have turned two there anyway as he was pretty far from second base.

Here's the explanation. The emoticon was supposed to be "mad" not rolled eyes, but anyway...


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This team is so bad :(

I'm honestly tempted to want to just trade Millar and a pitcher for a good, 30ish middle of the order hitter just to make this more watchable.

I couldn't care less how bad they were if we weren't treated to a nice dish of Millar, Huff, Payton, Hernandez, Mora, etc. on a nightly basis. I understand that you can't rebuild over night, but the fact that there's almost no one besides Wieters who we can really expect to be here to help within the next couple of seasons makes watching this bunch a whole lot more bleak.

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