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Clemens does it again!


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Craw, this talk of underage relations already had one topic locked down. Moreover, it may not be relevant to this topic. Clemens met McCready when she was fifteen, but that doesn't mean they got together in that way at that time.

It wasn't until later, after McCready had moved to Nashville and become a country singing star, that the relationship turned intimate.
Source - NY Daily News
When she was 18, she moved to Nashville, where she was signed by BNA Records.
source - wikipedia
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I'm not sure why anyone should care if he is getting women on the side. Maybe it does affect his "family man" status legally, I doubt it. Underage girls . . . that is an issue. This stuff . . . eh.

This all matters because he is filing a defamation suit against McNamee but the fact that he looks pretty bad is the reason why this all matters.

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