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anyone have Smoak's righty/lefty splits?

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We've had comparisons to non-Orioles for Smoak, but we had our own switch-hitting, power-hitting 1B. How would you compare him to Eddie Murray?

Now you want us to compare him to a Hall of Famer? :scratchchinhmm:

Ok, they both switch-hit and play first base. How's that? Oh yeah, hopefully they both will be/were Orioles for the majority of their career.

We can only hope Smoak has half the career Eddie had. They both are/were above average defensively. They both are stronger from the left side of the plate.

Eddie hit 27 HR's and .283 at the age of 21 for the Orioles. Smoak is a college junior at the age of 21. End of comparison.

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We've had comparisons to non-Orioles for Smoak, but we had our own switch-hitting, power-hitting 1B. How would you compare him to Eddie Murray?

I've actually given thought to this, and one can see the possibilities of Smoak becoming a similar player to Murray.

Murray made the majors at 21, while Smoak is still in college, however for comparison's sake, let's focus on the basics...

*Both switch hit, and very well from both sides.

*Both have/had a good eye, able to take a walk, while not striking out too often.

*Both are/were very good defenders at 1st.

*Murray had 27-33 HR's per year in his prime, with a lifetime batting average of .287, and a prime years OPS that ran between .830-.940.

I find it very interesting, as I've projected Smoak earlier this year as > .285-.290 BA, 30+ HR's, solid production and a .875'ish OPS. That's Murray-like, although Murray played in an era that stats were down across the board. Smoak will not be Eddie, but I don't think it's foolish at all to think he can put up Murray-type numbers as a ML'er.

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    • I agree that patience would serve us all well to see how things go, given the talent that is still out there. But to say that other fans are “whining” after what this org has put us through over the last 5 years may be a bit harsh. I don’t begrudge any fan for being skeptical given where we were and where we have the potential to be if we make the necessary moves.
    • thing that terrifies me with Syndergaard is his time to the plate. He's notoriously slow and all these new rules to benefit baserunners will put him at more of a disadvantage.   still it seems like the Os are really going all in on a type: average to below average stuff with above average to plus command.  all Noah, Gibson, Voth, Wells, and Kremer fit that bill - and the new Camden obviously benefits these types more than old Camden,  but I do wonder what pitch/ mix refinement the analytics guys see in Noah? maybe they're hopeful in year 2 after TJ he gets a velocity and stuff bump now that he's used to his new elbow
    • This is the kind of stuff that used to come out from the Warehouse in the old days … tell me what “in on” means and I may see it as something other than trying to placate us fans .. 
    • If this is all true and Holt really has the “magic touch” wouldn’t it make more sense to bring him better talent to begin with to get even better results? I mean in spite of our surprise season and all of the improvements of our pitchers we were still a 4th place team. How are we planning to make a legit jump in the standings? Seattle is improved, Texas is improved and probably neither are done. Those are wildcard spots that we will be competing for. I know the off-season is far from done and the Winter meetings are kicking off this week. I’m just wondering why we were in a hurry to bring in a pitcher like Gibson when there are so many better options?
    • Actually, you might not be far off.  Gibson has, historically, been a first half pitcher, 3.95 vs. 5.11 ERA in the 2nd half.   He might just be a bridge to John Means.    It’s doubtful another team will fall for it again but the Phillies did in 2021 so you never know.
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