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June 14th vs Pirates


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Dang Mora knocked himself in his knee hard.

How does exactly the same thing happen to two of our players two nights apart? Hopefully this bad thing doesn't come in threes. :bangwall:

Also, is the sound issue with MASN or mlb.tv? The ads on mlb.tv sound fine but I can barely hear the play by play with the volume turned all the way up on both the mlb player and my computer.

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C'mon O's, win this one for HeatherC12, she's had about all the baseball-related heartbreak a fan can take today with her real team losing to the Wannabe Evil Empire in extras after the big comeback off bigmouth Papelbon.

Thank you. :D I'm bummed the guys couldn't pull off the win but dang it felt good to see my guys give Boston a stroke at the end of that game! Edwin crushed that ball and Papelbon was throwing things in the dugout between innings, LOL :laughlol: I hope the guys are encouraged that aside from a few random things today (and more than a few blown calls by the home plate ump which it sounds like the O's are having trouble with tonight too), they were hanging right there with Boston for the whole game and easily could have ended up taking this one from Boston too. Hopefully Beckett left his good stuff back in Boston and Homer Bailey brought all of his with him for tomorrow's game. I'm greedy now and I want the series!! :clap:

Go O's!!! :)

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