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July 26th Baltimore @ Bandwagon Nation

Big Mac

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Dammit, Buck, no, Wins are a worthless stat as they relate to pitchers. It gives you a VERY general idea of a pitcher's performance but nothing in depth. A pitcher who gives up 8 runs can win a game if his team's offense gets 9 runs and get a win. A pitcher can give up 1 run and lose the game if the offense doesn't score at all and take a loss.

For a TEAM, wins are what ultimately matters. And even that's subjective to the division they're in.

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After 1: Their guy: 25p, 16s, 1h, 1er; Our guy: 9p, 6s, 0h, 0er.

After 2: Their guy: 40p, 26s, 2h, 1er; Our guy: 23p, 14s, 0h, 0er.

After 3: Their guy: 60p, 41s, 6h, 4er; Our guy: 35p, 20s, 0h, 0er.

After 4: Their guy: 73p, 50s, 8h, 5er; Our guy: 52p, 32s, 1h, 0er.

After 5: Their guy: 83p, 58s, 9h, 6er; Our guy: 76p, 46s, 3h, 1er.

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