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July 26th Baltimore @ Bandwagon Nation

Big Mac

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After 1: Their guy: 25p, 16s, 1h, 1er; Our guy: 9p, 6s, 0h, 0er.

After 2: Their guy: 40p, 26s, 2h, 1er; Our guy: 23p, 14s, 0h, 0er.

After 3: Their guy: 60p, 41s, 6h, 4er; Our guy: 35p, 20s, 0h, 0er.

After 4: Their guy: 73p, 50s, 8h, 5er; Our guy: 52p, 32s, 1h, 0er.

After 5: Their guy: 83p, 58s, 9h, 6er; Our guy: 76p, 46s, 3h, 1er.

After 6: (Smoltz is gone after 5.) Our guy: 90p, 55s, 4h, 1er.

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You actually posted in reference to it, back in post 164. That it's not worth remembering just shows how non-boneheaded it was. But others probably disagree.

Only those who do not realize that drawing a throw insured the 5th run. Not bonehead at all. Part of the game.

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As well as outed by DT at the presser, publically humiliated and made to run wind sprints in front of the rest of the team while DT goes postal on the Gator Ade cooler.:laughlol:c

Come on now that is too far. Gator Aide is expensive, wasting it will cause us not to sign Sano.:rolleyes:

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