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July 26th Baltimore @ Bandwagon Nation

Big Mac

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Buck is spot on with his assessment that the young guys are the ones that will change the losing attitude here. All of these guys won in the minors and college and haven't accepted losing. DH is a freakin' horse. He's got innings eater written all over him.

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This is the kind of starter we need and want guys.

A guy who can go into NY and Boston in back to back starts and give up 2 runs in 13 innings.

Buck just recited this post. He is reading the game thread for material.

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After 1: Their guy: 25p, 16s, 1h, 1er; Our guy: 9p, 6s, 0h, 0er.

After 2: Their guy: 40p, 26s, 2h, 1er; Our guy: 23p, 14s, 0h, 0er.

After 3: Their guy: 60p, 41s, 6h, 4er; Our guy: 35p, 20s, 0h, 0er.

After 4: Their guy: 73p, 50s, 8h, 5er; Our guy: 52p, 32s, 1h, 0er.

After 5: Their guy: 83p, 58s, 9h, 6er; Our guy: 76p, 46s, 3h, 1er.

After 6: (Smoltz is gone after 5.) Our guy: 90p, 55s, 4h, 1er.

After 7: Our guy: 110p, 66s, 5h, 1er.

And it looks like "bda, bda, bda, that's all folks". DH's ERA is now 3.20.

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