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Texas Manager Admits Cocaine Use in 2009


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I've got a hard time believing that as well, considering the era he played baseball in, too.

That, and he looks like Tyrone Biggums.

"It's cocaine in a can! I love you red balls!"

I heard they found him in the clubhouse with Tron and Ashy Larry.

I bet he has to show ID to get into the stadium without a ticket.

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1) No way this is the first time.

2) They really drug test managers??

3) A 57 y/o man, who's most likely not in great shape, has a death wish if he's doing cocaine.

4) If it was the first time, I'm at least slightly curious, who the peer pressure came from. That is to say, it leaves a lot to the imagination of how a 57 y/o major league manager happens upon hard drugs for the first time. It's not as if he's hanging at burning man.

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Great manager to have for Josh Hamilton.

He is going to get fired right?

Nope, the team has already committed to him. I think it had a lot to do with him stepping forward and admitting it but it's not like he had a choice.

Yeah this on top of Hamilton..:rolleyes:

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I don't think he was doing it in the clubhouse or anything like that.

I am assuming managers don't get tested in the off-season. I did catch more than a few Texas games and it sure looked like the manager was on something ;).

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