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Opening Day Reactions


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Another expensive BP arm disappointing us out of the gate. I think he'll be alright, but what a way to become an "Oriole". I guess in a sense it's appropriate and fitting.

What a kick in the groin. This is an absolutely grueling loss.

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Runners LOB

That's all I have to say

Agreed. Our only runs were HR's.

However... Mike Gonzalez's performance was... wow. Out of anyone on a baseball team, I would expect a new closer to live up to expectations when the pressure is on. It is, afterall... his job.

What a disappointment tonight.

I hope Guthrie comes out strong tomorrow, or else we'll have some major doom and gloom...

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Somehow, for an entire hour I knew it would happen. The IBB clinched it. I knew exactly because they did that to get to a previously 0-for-3 Crawford that he would get a hit and win the game. I really wanted to break things. A managerial reverse jinx!

The situational hitting was atrocious, as was Gonzalez.

It's all I can bring myself to say and stay partially sane.

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