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Opening Day Reactions


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Exactly. Ball like that bit right at third and if the runner has any kind of lead he's gonna be out. Especially if it's hit almost right behind him and close to the basepath.

First off the runner should have been Lugo not Atkins. That was Trembley mistake.

Secondly, with Longoria playing in, the runner at 3rd can't take much of a lead. He has to wait to see where the ball is hit.

Third, Longoria didn't just bobble the ball, the ball fell to the ground and Longoria had to pick it up with his momentum going away from third. That should have give Lugo time to get back to third if he had a small lead.

With luck Longoria might have gotten Roberts at 1st. He would not have gotten a double play and there should have be runners at 2nd and 3rd with one out after the play.

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MacPhail signed Gonzo to not lose these games. He said when he signed him that is is demoralizing for a young team to lose close games. I have a feeling the Gonzo signing for two years well be worse then the Atkins,one year signing.

Plus Gonzo costs us a 2nd rounder.

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