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4/15 O's at A's


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Maybe the left coast will be better than the right.

Go O's.

Lineups brought to you by ...................

Roch Kubatko, April 15, 2010 6:56 PM

For the Orioles:

Felix Pie LF

Adam Jones CF

Nick Markakis RF

Miguel Tejada 3B

Matt Wieters C

Luke Scott DH

Ty Wigginton 2B

Garrett Atkins 1B

Cesar Izturis SS

David Hernandez RHP

For the Athletics ("it doesn't matter we are winning tonight" = 8istheman not Roch)

Rajai Davis CF

Daric Barton 1B

Ryan Sweeney RF

Kevin Kouzmanoff 3B

Kurt Suzuki C

Eric Chavez DH

Adam Rosales 2B

Travis Buck LF

Cliff Pennington SS

Ben Sheets RHP

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Darn, I was about to post this...had just copied the lineups at 8:33 as well. Hopefully they get off the schnide.

Don Quixote-started game threads: Orioles 1-0

Non-Don Quixote-started game threads: Orioles 0-8


There can't be anything to this, but I had hoped to get in early just for metaphysics' sake.

Yeah, yeah, small sample size, too. ;)

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I know the A's have gotten off to a solid start, but there just is nothing to me frightening about that lineup. I think David pitches a great game tonight, and the O's get the West Coast swing started.

I feel like tonight could be a really refreshing win. It was over 30 hours ago since the loss, different opponent, different part of the country..I like it. Let's go birds.

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Yeah, hopefully they get it together. I haven't seen this team remotely perform to potential (not talking individual games) in a long time; if this trip could serve as a reset button I'd like to see how things progress. Some of the West should be meat for this team but they just haven't gotten it done. I'll be delighted if they can start to change that tonight.

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Reimold needs to play more.

Hopefully he can somehow get some time in at first.

It's a real shame he was hurt in ST and they couldn't give him a month to try and learn it.

Ideally I'd just like to see Luke get hot enough to maximize his value and then deal him. Then Reimold can be the primary DH, getting the occasional start in left.

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the Athletics line up is soooooo bad. But some random turd seems to always crush us, its probably going to be Pennington or someone.

And who is staying up to watch the game? It is a work day tomorrow!


Me, that's who! Tomorrow is Friday, so it's not a problem.

At least for me it's not, but my employer might think differently. :rolleyes:

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I believe David Hernandez is going to pitch well tonight. Also have a feeling the Orioles break through against Ben Sheets and are able to get quite a few extra base hits; possibly even a triple as well. Hopefully Felix Pie will get the offense jump started.

I'm feeling a good night of baseball for the Orioles. Let's go O's! Work will somewhat get done tomorrow.:D

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