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5/2 Boston @ Baltimore


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I'm starting this thread early to see if anyone else has tuned into the MLB.TV pregame. It's kinda hilarious because they don't start at the live broadcast. In fact, they start like 1 hour ahead of game time. Right now, I'm watching a rotation of fixed camera shots from CF, press box, flag court, etc. A few people are in the seats, little leaguers are walking around the warning track. Sometimes, random music plays, or a player highlight real, or Nick Markakis 2010 stats. Yesterday, it was somebodies elbow moving around for 5 minutes.

My theory: MLB.TV Playstation App isn't all ironed out yet. None of this stuff is supposed to even be broadcast, but they just don't have the kinks worked out this app thats only a week old.

Also, sometimes the app freezes and I have to restart it. Definitely still buggy.

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