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vs. RED SOX 8/16


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Honestly the 2nd inning doesn't matter in this game at all. The O's didn't score the last 8 innings of the game (3 runs after 1+ inning), that's what matters. Their bats fell asleep, they were chasing bad pitches, and overall just had pathetic ABs. They can't just have 1/2 good innings if they wanna keep winning, they need to keep tacking on runs.

You can say whatever you want about the bunt, but Markakis easily could've GIDP. What was more influential in the game was their pathetic offensive performance after that. They have to be better than that.

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I'll be really aggravated, even after wining the first two, if we let them get out of Baltimore with a win. Valentine is so smug. The look if indignation and righteousness on his face after having Bucholtz bean Adam Jones makes me angry.

I can't wait to see him get canned. There is something right in the world, when Buck showalter, a man not afraid of a challenge in baltimore, gets the better of Valentine, a man who thought he was too good to come here, and now continues t show how overrated he is as a major league coach.

If his coaching ability matched his ego, he'd be great.

This. All of it.

Just to bump this for posterity...

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Tells me he wasn't excited about Johnson vs Detroit.

Is what I'm seeing too. Buck overruling DD on the field.

Let's get some runs fellas. We are still in this.

Never quit.

Never give up. NEVER give up! NEVER GIVE UP! NEVER GIVE UP!!!

Stop saying "fister"!

Nearly killed her.

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