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Tonight (4/1/2014)


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Sabathia's E.R.A. is down to 18.00.

Inning-by-inning update in POST # 18.

Down to 13.50 now.

Now, it's down to 10.50.

This guy is the hottest pitcher since Bob Gibson, Denny McLain, and Don Drysdale in the 1968 season.

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These are very likely Sabathia's final numbers:

C.C. SABATHIA O (vs. ASTROS, 4/01) *

IP:. 6

H:o 8 (2 Home Runs, 2 Doubles, 4 Singles)

R:O 6

BB: 1

SO: 6

Pitches: 99 (68 Strikes, 31 Balls)

2014 ERA: 9.00

* Sabathia's 2014 Season Debut



27 (19 Strikes, 8 Balls)

23 (15 Strikes, 8 Balls)

14 (91 Strikes, 5 Balls)

11 (71 Strikes, 4 Balls)

14 (10 Strikes, 4 Balls)

10 (81 Strikes, 2 Balls)

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IP:. 6.67

H:o 2 (2 Singles)

R:O 0

BB: 2 **

SO: 3

Pitches: 102 (66 Strikes, 36 Balls)

2014 ERA: 0.00

* Feldman's 2014 Season Debut

** Feldman had 2 Hit Batsmen



11 (71 Strikes, 4 Balls)

16 (11 Strikes, 5 Balls)

13 (81 Strikes, 5 Balls)

24 (15 Strikes, 9 Balls)

10 (81 Strikes, 2 Balls)

71 (51 Strikes, 2 Balls)

21 (12 Strikes, 9 Balls) ***

*** Feldman recorded 2 outs before departing in the 7th inning.

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    • It’s probably fairly inevitable that Grayson will need TJ at some point in his career. Velo increases the risk. However, it’s very common for all pitchers, regardless of velo. The biggest thing Grayson has going for him is that he’s made it to age 24 without a shoulder or elbow injury (at least that I can recall), which already separates him from many others in the high velo club. The best predictor of future injuries is past injuries, and while he did have that lat issue that knocked him out for a fair bit his record is pretty clean in that respect.  Also, it’s more the conventional baseball wisdom than something I’m aware of being supported in stats, but Grayson has a prototypical pitcher’s frame and in theory that could help his durability. It doesn’t seem like he generates his velo from a max effort delivery.
    • It was a fastball.   If you’re bailing out on a fastball from a LHP with a 3/4 delivery like that I think there’s a problem but if you think it’s perfectly fine you’re entitled to your opinion.
    • It’s been a few years, but I seem to recall there was some talk about his playing 2B when Duquette was still here. Might have been some kind of instructional league chatter or something. It certainly cannot hurt. 
    • I'm not sure that I understand all of your post. In particular the mentioning of Elias and Adley in comparison to Belichick and Brady. That is an apples to strawberries comparison at best. Both are fruit and red and round, otherwise unalike. Brady's role as QB and BB's role as head coach and GM is far different and much more directly central to success than Elias GM and certainly Adley as a catcher. However, when speaking about Hal Steinbrenner being an impediment to Elias remaining as GM of the Orioles long term, I don't see it. NY is a totally different market than here. You are NEVER going to be given 4 years for a total tear down and all the future building moves for the sake of the present won't fly in NY. Yes, I am sure than other owners like Steinbrenner envy what the O's have amassed. It's why they changed the draft rules. However, some owners know that the path that Elias used to get the Orioles to where they are is not viable in their markets as they know how alienating it would be to their fanbase. This is to say, that if Elias wants to be here, Rubenstein has the pockets that are plenty deep enough to make that happen. It's probably going to be a similar contract to what the Mets are paying Stearns and the Dodgers are paying Friedman.
    • If he can't locate the breaking stuff and throw the fastball with a good location he gets destroyed. I keep hearing how good his stuff is, but his pitch values are not good on anything but his offspeed pitch. His fastball had negative run value last year and it does again this year. Barrel and hard hit % are both up this year too. I guess he'll live or die by the changeup if it's working or not. Whiff rate and K% are good not great according to statcast.
    • What about Means and Kremer?
    • If the Sacramento A's need a second baseman I am fine with this. 
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