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3rd Round - Brian Gonzalez - LHP (Archbishop McCarthy HS, FL)

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And with their first pick (finally)... the Orioles have selected Brian Gonzalez, a 6'3", 235 pound high school lefty from Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.

Here is some video highlights

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="//www.youtube.com/embed/cRuhCBlN310" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

Here is a report on him, courtesy of Don Olsen from: http://bigleaguefutures.net/1/2013/08/13/2014-mlb-draft-profile-brian-gonzalez/

"Brian is a thick athletic build, filled out lower and upper torso that could transform a bit and lean out in a quality off-season program. He fits a Billy Butler type mold. He moves well for his size, below average runner, but good first step lateral agility to his right. Nice balanced rotational swing, little load, but not a concern with very good bat speed. He routinely makes loud contact and barrels up well. Brian turns on very good velocity with a line drive path, just a touch of lift. There is solid contact and a good deal of raw power, should be plus, maybe more from the right side. Good arm, but range and size limit him to first base, moves well enough that he should stick at the position. Good arm speed with a fastball sitting 88-90 mph. Flashes a decent break, but the power ceiling leave me with a position player tag on him."

Olsen liked him more as a first baseman as did Baseball America who listed him as a 1B on their Top 500. So, I guess that's a fallback if pitching doesn't work out.

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Brian Gonzalez: baseball Player of the Year Class 5A-4A-3A-2A (Sun-Sentinel)


Gonzalez, who has signed with the University of Miami and is expected to be selected high in this year's MLB draft, was 10-1 with two saves in 17 appearances for the Mavericks (26-3). He pitched 69 1/3 innings with a 0.5 ERA and 129 strikeouts. At the plate, Gonzalez batted .342 with 18 RBI, three home runs, a .539 slugging percentage and a .495 on-base percentage. He also scored 14 runs.
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Interesting pick. Seems like a bit of a reach for the 3rd round as a big bodied high schooler without much projection that isn't hitting 90 on a regular basis. But, I'm guessing he should be an easy sign which may have been the deciding factor.

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Interesting pick. Seems like a bit of a reach for the 3rd round as a big bodied high schooler without much projection that isn't hitting 90 on a regular basis. But, I'm guessing he should be an easy sign which may have been the deciding factor.

Above-average changeup.

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    • I’d say Tampa.    I don’t want to see Arozarena in a playoff series. Ever. He kills us and I’m sure he’d go off on a big stage.  Their pitching is really good.     
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    • The way I read this, anyone on the 40 man is eligible, even if they are in the minors. Then there are exceptions for players who aren't on the 40an. So yes, I am not expert in roster rules but I believe Grayson, Kjerstad etc could be optioned and still make the postseason roster as long as they stay on the 40 man roster.
    • If we’re just talking internal candidates then I think it’s pretty easy to put something accurate together. Personally, I don’t believe for a second that Holliday has a real chance at breaking OD. I think Urias at 3B, Henderson at SS, and Westburg at 2B is the most likely every day configuration if they’re not adding anyone significant from outside the organization.   If we start talking about potential moves for outside players then this gets a lot more dicey, but fun. Personally, I’d like to see two mid-rotation starters added. Give me something like Jordan Montgomery and Logan Gilbert. Tell me that a rotation of Rodriguez, Bradish, Montgomery, Gilbert, and Means is not one of the most balanced rotations in baseball. Insert similar names for the additions, I’m not particularly hung up on specifics right now. That’d push Wells and Kremer to the BP full time.  Id probably resign both Fuji and Hicks, if he’s interested. That leaves a bullpen with something like Cano, Fuji, Webb, Coulombe, Hall, Wells, Kremer, and Perez. I gotta agree about Bautista, unfortunately.    Big if, but if we are thinking that Holliday is a legit consideration then I’d be moving Urias. Mateo seems like a easy DFA. Ortiz can be the backup infielder. I may even consider moving Urias anyways and slotting Ortiz at SS until Holliday is ready.    Anyways, that’s really just an addition of a couple mid rotation starters (one through FA, one through trade), an okay bullpen addition, and possibly a veteran presence if Hicks is okay with a backup role in the OF. I don’t really feel the veteran presence is totally necessary, but judging by offseasons of the past, Elias finds it very necessary no matter how redundant the piece may be.    Also, there’s no room for all of Hays, Mullins, Santander, Cowser, Kjerstad, and Stowers. I’m thinking at least one of these OF guys can be part of the aforementioned trade for a mid rotation starter. Does something like Kjerstad, Basallo, and Urias get Gilbert? I dunno…getting too specific now. 
    • Adley’s going to reach base 250+ times this season.  Joe Mauer did that 4 times.  Mike Piazza did it twice. Johnny Bench once. Buster Posey never did.  Neither did Carlton Fisk, Gary Carter, Yadier Molina,  Jorge Posada or Ivan Rodriguez.  
    • That would certainly explain why O’Hearn is not allowed to hit against a LHP ever. 
    • I don’t think it will need to happen. I can see them DFA guys or just option guys they know won’t be on the postseason roster. Jorge Lopez is a perfect example of this.
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