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Boog Powell reports to Rays camp


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10 Facts About Boog Powell

(By Michael Clair)

1)1 No, he's not THAT Boog Powell.

2)1 His real name is Herschel Mack Powell, IV. Which somehow makes his real name arguably better than his nickname.

3)1 He was originally called "Little Mack," but no one in his family was a fan of the name. Fortunately, his grandfather was a big Boog Powell fan.

4)1 Meanwhile, the Mission Viejo native's father is a huge Angels fan whose favorite player is Jim Edmonds.

5)1 As for Boog, the reason that he wears No. 15 is because of both Edmonds and Tim Salmon. One summer, Boog was even fortunate enough to vacation in the house next to Salmon's.

6)1 Boog was the Midwest League's "Star of the Stars" at this summer's All-Star game. He went 1-for-3 with a double, two walks, three runs and two stolen bases to earn the title.

7)1 He loves snakes. For some horrible reason. Because of that, his favorite Minor League logo is of the Timber Rattlers.

<iframe width="640" height="360" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/0xUJwIGMkS8?feature=player_embedded" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

8)1 MLB Pipeline ranks Boog 12th in the Rays system following the trade. He hit .343/.451/.435 in Class A this past season, though scouts are concerned that his swing may be too long against more advanced pitching.

9)1 What does that swing look like? A little something like this:


10) This exists. Sure, it's not about THIS Boog Powell, but the world still needs to know.




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    • There's always a chance, but come on.
    • I think the argument could have been made when Mateo and Urias were both healthy, but not with Mateo likely gone for the season. And Urias hasn't been terrible he's been a league average hitter for the season and provides solid defense at 3B. I will admit with Norby being called up that I do want to see a lineup with Norby at 2B and Westburg at 3B. Thee offense needs a spark and Norby might provide it. Westburg has been slumping this month too so maybe you give him a rest day every week.  
    • That would put him at or close to the top. we sure have some guys in slumps that need to snap out of it
    • I thought I was the only one. Thank you.
    • DC doesn’t give a lot of sports radio coverage to the Orioles, but veteran DC radio sportscaster Andy Pollin devotes half an hour to the O’s every Wednesday at 10:30 am. He’s the opposite of a “hot take” guy and an enjoyable pro to listen to.   He also gets good guests.   You can find an archive of his interviews here: recent guests have included Ryan Fuller, Ben Wagner, Brendan Fournie, Kyle Bradish (pre-injury) and Cody Ashe.  Albert Suarez will be on today - that should be interesting after last night’s debacle.   Just thought some might be interested in checking this out if you’re tired of Baltimore sports radio coverage.    
    • Our WS run this year began to sink last year. Felix, continued with Bradish, Means Wells and Coloumbe. Thats 5 pretty nice pitchers right there. Only so much you can put together at the deadline. That coupled with Holliday's rough start and Mayo not even getting a chance. We need a couple of nice Pitchers, the guys to break out of slumps and a spark from the youngster (Kjerstad, Mayo and Holliday) And getting Danny Back would be nice too.
    • The time is quickly drawing to a close. We have less than a week now before the deadline. I’m sure that if Mayo/Holliday remain in the org, they will be called up soon. But if we don’t fix this pitching problem, I am not sure how much it is going to matter. We are near the bottom of the league in terms of runs allowed per game for almost a month. And have been routinely lit up by weak hitting/struggling opponents (like last night).  I don’t care how well you hit, it is unlikely that you can sustain success/winning giving up over 5 runs a game. Until that changes we are going to have a hard time putting together sustained winning streaks regardless of how outs offense performs. Which good team is has a great ranked offense but is well below average when it comes to runs per game allowed? I can’t think of a single team who is built to succeed by frequently out scoring opponents in high scoring games.
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