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When does Schoop's .300 plus batting avg not become SSS?


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I think it's safe to say that he's the best defensive 2nd basemen in the league. Big. Strong arm. A beast on DP's. He's a linebacker out there.

Schoop is good player IMO.

Not sure I expect the guy to hit .300 but I think his defensive prowess alone would make him a viable 2B option. His bat though has good upside and will also end up being above average.

Orioles are lucky to have Manny, Adama and Schoop to build around offensively.

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I continue to believe that Schoop is going to be a star...not just a regular, but an All-Star. He and Manny are going to be beasts for us for the next few years.

And MacPhail found them both.

"Grow the arms, buy the bats" turned into "Found the bats, ditched the arms".

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When his season BABIP of .338 looks more like his career of .287.
Schoop's career is a SSS, and it's ridiculous to look at career averages when a player is as young as he is. He has yet to establish a track record. He hasn't played enough.
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