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O'Day put on Waivers Wednesday?


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So, if he's claimed, let's try to work out a deal. Maybe we get something of value. We aren't going anywhere and we'll get nothing for him as it stands now.

You dont really get anything of value for 6 weeks of a reliever.

Plus he will likely be claimed by a team like Tampa to prevent him from going to someone else.

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The timing is the interesting part. Why did they wait until Wednesday. That has significant.

I thin the recent struggles made us more inclined to move him if offer is good. Plus if we get sweptby Texas we would be done for sure so this lets him go through and see who clams him and if on Monday we are completely out you can move him for something.

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That was 10 weeks of a reliever.

That was 10 weeks of the best reliever in baseball. Plus a thought that not too many fans on here understand. So our pitching staff is a bunch of number 3's and 4's. So O'day and Miller have extra value to us because we need them to boost up our rotation. Every O's game the last two years we've had the same theory. Hopefully our starter can go 5 and give up 3 or less and we can go to the pen. Sometimes they go 6. Rarely they go 7. Never do they pitch 8. What the heck is a CG? And the tigers were going to get Miller. So maybe in game 2, Delmon faces Miller instead of Joba.

If you're on an internet message board posting about the O's, and don't see the above as 100% fact, you should go play fantasy football or something. This aint for you.

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I don't think anyone considered Miller that at the time we traded for him.

I'm sure anyone that watched him pitch regularly knew. It's impossible to watch that much baseball. But our scouts sure knew. That's why we gave up Ed Rod. So good job scouts.

Back to the OP. Too much would have to happen to trade O'day. He'd have to clear to a team that would give something up for him. Then it would have to be worth it to admit to the fans that the season is over and that we likely aren't re signing him. At this point what would we get? We'd be better off just to give it hell everyday and see where we end up. After 14 years of losing I'll take a 4th straight winning year even if we miss the playoffs.

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I assumed we put everybody on revocable waivers. Common tactic. No big deal. The key word is "revocable".

Exactly. It'd be lack of due diligence to not put him on revocable waivers.

Otoh, it does make sense for the O's to make a deal if someone makes a solid offer - which wouldn't surprise me.

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