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Wright yanked after one shutout inning


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    • I think that's credible.   I'm disappointed but I also understand it.    Wells pitched well last year and his last two starts down here were good.   It would be tough telling him he didn't make the rotation.    The question is, what if Rodriguez dominates and all 5 starters are pitching decently during April and May.
    • I was thinking this at first too.  But.......isn't his trade value already predetermined to be two 1st round picks?    I don't think it is going to change thanks to the tag.   It might affect the size of the offer another team is willing to give him if they know he wants to leave.   That sucks for him and slightly increases the odds the Ravens would match it.  But the longer this drags on the less and less feasible that sounds.
    • It’s a real reporter from a real paper. So yes 
    • O’s ranked 18th at DH with 1.6 fWAR, with most PA coming from Stowers, Santander and Rutschman.  That brings projected position player WAR to 28.2, compared to 18.9 actual last year.  That would be a nice gain! “The Baltimore Orioles have some of the most promising young talent in the game, and it extends well beyond ballyhooed phenoms like Adley Rutschman, Gunnar Henderson, and Grayson Rodriguez. Notable among the less-hyped is Stanford product Kyle Stowers, who debuted last season at age 24 and homered three times while slashing .253/.306/.418 over 98 plate appearances. As modest as those get-your-feet-wet numbers are, it bears noting that he also put up a 130 wRC+ with 19 home runs in Triple-A, and he’d raked at Double-A in 2021. The 2019 second-rounder quietly continues to square up baseballs. “Anthony Santander has largely flown under the radar — at least on a national level — for much the same reason: he doesn’t get hyped as a big part of Baltimore’s future. But he arguably should. The 28-year-old switch-hitter produced a team-best 33 big flies last year, and ZiPS projects him to go deep 29 times with a 124 wRC+ in the coming season. A 2016 Rule-5 acquisition from Cleveland who was never viewed as a top prospect — even when the Orioles farm was far less formidable — Santander has developed into an offensive force.” https://blogs.fangraphs.com/2023-positional-power-rankings-designated-hitter/  
    • There is a recency bias too.  Is he more likely to repeat 2022 or 2021?
    • It's a combo of folks not liking that he was signed in the first place and his bat sucked in spring training.
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