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Fred Ferreira


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On 3/8/2017 at 12:25 PM, Frobby said:

When the O's hired Fred Ferreira to head international scouting, there was a lot of skepticism around MLB and sentiment that Ferreira was over the hill.    Ferreira immediately came up big by signing Miguel Gonzalez out of the Mexican League, and as I recall, won some sort of scouting award in his first year here.   He was involved in the Uruttia and Alvarez signings, which showed some early promise but have fizzled out.  He holds the title of Executive Director of International Recruiting.

 That said, has our International/Latin American recruiting gotten better under Ferreira's direction?    Looking at the OH top 25, we've got Ofelky Peralta (9), Jhon Peluffo (16), Jomar Reyes (19) and Irving Ortega  (22).   There's also Jesus Liranzo (17) who was originally signed by the Braves; perhaps Ferreira's team was involved in signing him, but I don't know.     Obviously, Ferreira hasn't had a huge budget to work with.    Has he done a good job?

 Peralta - signed out of the Dominican at age 16 for $325 k.

 Peluffo - signed out of Colombia at age 16 (bonus unknown).

Reyes - signed out of the Dominican at age 16 for $350 k.

Ortega - signed out of the Dominican at age 17 for $60 k.


Those guys all look like busts.  

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I still have some patience with Reyes.  I was hoping Luke could give some insight on Peralta and Peluffo as he was going to do a fringe prospect list at some point I thought.  Ortega is in short season A ball still as he hits like my grandma.

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