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Opening Day: Who is going?


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I'll be there....3rd straight year.  Section 40.

And yes, as someone else mentioned, some tickets have opened up.  I looked earlier this morning, and they weren't open.....then now, went back and some restricted view singles were available.

Actually....take that back.  I just checked again, and it gave me 2 tickets in section 276...restricted view (foul pole I'm guessing?).  So yeah, they're there and popped up some time today.



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1 hour ago, notfast said:

Damn, I checked yesterday morning for tickets and nothing showed...Checked this morning and nothing.


Guess I checked at the wrong time...Hopefully a few more show up.

Keep checking.  I looked earlier this morning....nothing available - not even a single.....then 2 minutes later it offered me 2 tickets in section 74. 

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Hope the vendors show up. 2016 has come and gone.


Concessions/Clubs Report times for Opening Day, Monday, Aril 3rd, 2016 are as follows:
Stand Leads- 9:00am
Cooks/Bartenders- 9:15am
Stand Attendants- 9:30am
Vending Leads/Cashiers/Support- 11:30am
Vendors- 1:00pm(1:30pm Vend Time)

Any questions please contact YOUR manager at their appropriate contact information. PLEASE SHARE THIS INFORMATION AMONGST EACH OTHER. Thank you.

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