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Ironbirds Aug1 2008


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Isolated Thunderstorms tonight it says for the weather 30%, hopefully they get the game in.

My parents are going tonight with our neighbors. I would have gone with them but today is my friends 21st birthday, so I had other plans tonight haha

Now if your friend was a GOOD friend they'd have had their party at the park! *S*...


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Thanks Dipper:)

I had an awesome time but I did not get to see the whole game:o

I did meet Tyler.I love Him:) I did say Hi to him for you Gulf....I am not sure who knew who I meant...sorry...probably my fault:(

I got gobs of autographs and Tyler hit an HR:):clap3:

I met Mchance and his GF:) They both were very nice!!:)

And you were very nice too, Cindy! Nice to finally meet you.

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