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Kranitz has a "sleeper" for the rotation?


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I feel as though Arrieta has been hinted at by insiders, so he wouldn't seem like as much of a sleeper as he did 2 months ago. I would LOVE to see Arrieta make the club. However, if AM and DT don't wanna rush guys, Arrieta making this club is a longshot, at best

Bergeson has not been talked about at all, so I could definitely see him as a sleeper candidate. That said, I'm not as high on him as many on here are and he think he'd struggle. Give him some innings in AAA and maybe try and teach him a new out-pitch and break him up in September for his first cup of coffee in the bigs.

I really hope it's not Baez. Not that I have anything against him, but if he's healthy, I'd love to see him out of the pen. Let him be a 2-inning kind of guy that carries the team to JJ/Sherrill/Ray if the starter only goes 4 2/3. He needs to get his confidence back in addition to his health, so that a bunch of low-pressure multi-inning games could be the best situation for him IMO.

Parrish is another possibility, but I just don't have any confidence in his ability to throw strike. He may be able to break camp with the club as a long-man in the role that I just described for Baez, but I just don't see him being a starter for us. Hopefully I'm wrong though, cause that would be a great success story coming back from adversity if JP could pull it off.

These are the big 4 possible sleepers I'm gathering from everyone's thoughts. I don't see Hennessey as a sleeper anymore, nor do I see Penn.

Another guy no one's brought up though is Patton. Would he be considered a sleeper? No one's talking about him really making the big club, but if he's healthy and back to where he was before the injury, maybe he could crack the roster?

At the end of the day, I see the rotation being:






DT's mentioned Albers may be better off on a regular throwing program so that's how I see him making the rotation and Penn will be on the big club cause he's out of options. I see him making the rotation too, but wouldn't be surprised to see him as the long-man either. Hendrickson, would obviously be the long-man in the above situation.

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Arrietta having his service clock started isn't going to happen. No chance. Even if he outpitched Guthrie this spring he's spending time in the minors.

About every guy besides Guts, and Uehera is a sleeper to the casual O's fan. He could be talking about one of 15 guys that we've probably discussed at length on here.

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Cuellar is in camp. :D

I am hoping he is talking about Bergensen or Hernandez because I think Kranitz knows everyone is talking about Arrietta and Matusz.

I am thinking though he is probably talking about Waters or Parrish...which just reaffirms my belief that we are heading in the right direction...we just aren't quite there yet...especially if Kranitz is talking up the likes of Parrish and Baez.

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I'll go with Liz. He did show signs last year...especially from the bullpen. Haven't heard much about him this spring yet.

Pretty telling quote from Kranitz in Roch's blog, re. Liz: "He's going to get every opportunity to start. Every opportunity."

Reading all the current tea leaves, I'm going with

4. Hennessey

5. Liz

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