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Is Tom Davis clueless?


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Just turned on TV and MASN was on. He's in the middle of a rant about how he doesnt want to hear about minor leaguers in a "big league city"

He mentioned how the world champion phillies probably arent talking about whos hot in the minors and the angels arent talking about whos next.

He doesnt want the minor leagues "shoved down his throat" in a major league town.

Anyone else watching this?

I think he's completely off base. Absolutely.

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I agree.

Its completely idiotic to "not care about those players until they get here."

Thanks for covering the bases, Tom. :rolleyestf:

And then they shove it down our throats regarding Adam Eaton. I really can't stand these guys. They're the type of guys that use the word veteranosity and mean it (and want it).

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You beat me to starting a thread about this by a few seconds. I don't post often or start many threads, but I am listening to this and can't believe what I am hearing. After 11 straight years of losing Davis can't understand why the fans are so interested in the minors rather than the "major league" Orioles. Really Tom? You don't get it? Wow. I really liked it when Phil Wood disputed Davis' ridiculous comments by pointing out that fans of the Phillies ARE talking about who's hot in Reading on Philadelphia talk shows. Why am I listening to this? What time does the draft start?

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No I was agreeing. The only thing we have to look to is our Minor Leagers. It would be stupid and ostrich with head in sand like not to.

Well apparently since we're a "big league city" we should only focus on the Orioles/Ravens. If you're a fan of NHL, NBA, college, etc. you're an idiot.

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