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All Star Rosters


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American League


C Joe Mauer, MIN

1B Mark Teixeira, NYY

2B Dustin Pedroia, BOS

SS Derek Jeter, NYY

3B Evan Longoria, TB

OF Jason Bay, BOS

OF Ichiro Suzuki, SEA

OF Josh Hamilton, TEX


P Andrew Bailey, OAK

P Josh Beckett, BOS

P Mark Buehrle, CWS

P Brian Fuentes, LAA

P Zack Greinke, KC

P Roy Halladay, TOR

P Felix Hernandez, SEA

P Edwin Jackson, DET

P Joe Nathan, MIN

P Jonathan Papelbon, BOS

P Mariano Rivera, NYY

P Justin Verlander, DET

P Tim Wakefield, BOS


C Victor Martinez, CLE

1B Justin Morneau, MIN

1B Kevin Youkilis, BOS

2B Aaron Hill, TOR

SS Jason Bartlett, TB

3B Michael Young, TEX

OF Carl Crawford, TB

OF Curtis Granderson, DET

OF Torii Hunter, LAA

OF Adam Jones, BAL

OF Ben Zobrist, TB

National League


C Yadier Molina, STL

1B Albert Pujols, STL

2B Chase Utley, PHI

SS Hanley Ramirez, FLA

3B David Wright, NYM

OF Carlos Beltran, NYM

OF Ryan Braun, MIL

OF Raul Ibanez, PHI


P Heath Bell, SD

P Chad Billingsley, LAD

P Jonathan Broxton, LAD

P Matt Cain, SF

P Francisco Cordero, CIN

P Ryan Franklin, STL

P Dan Haren, ARI

P Josh Johnson, FLA

P Ted Lilly, CHC

P Tim Lincecum, SF

P Jason Marquis, COL

P Francisco Rodriguez, NYM

P Johan Santana, NYM


C Brian McCann, ATL

1B Prince Fielder, MIL

1B Adrian Gonzalez, SD

1B Ryan Howard, PHI

2B Orlando Hudson, LAD

2B Freddy Sanchez, PIT

SS Miguel Tejada, HOU

3B Ryan Zimmerman, WSH

OF Brad Hawpe, COL

OF Hunter Pence, HOU

OF Justin Upton, ARI

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One very interesting tidbit...

If you had told me there would be two Houston players on the All Star Roster at the beginning of the season, everyone would have assumed Berkman and Lee.

Instead it's Tejada and Pence, while Berkman and Lee are no where to be found.

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Also, here are the players eligible for the fan vote...

American League

Chone Figgins

Brandon Inge

Ian Kinsler

Adam Lind

Carlos Pena

National League

Christian Guzman

Matt Kemp

Mark Reynolds

Pablo Sandoval

Shane Victorino

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Besides the fan vote, are there any other players to be named. I haven't paid much attention in the past, but it seems short-sighted to me that there's only two catchers on each roster. I'd think that there would be 3 catchers named to each team, with the 3rd catcher recognizing that he would only get to play in an emergency. I would assume that the starters won't play over 5-6 innings; what happens if the replacement catcher is injured and can't continue? Can the starting catcher re-enter the game in a situation like that?

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The NL roster only has FOUR healthy OFs on it. That along with the lack of catching for both teams seems a little insane to me. Why do fans vote for players who aren't even playing right now?! *shakes head* :eek:
And no Lastings Milledge!:cussing:
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And no Lastings Milledge!:cussing:

This was really too bad. I would have laughed so hard if that campaign had worked.

On another note, congrats to Tim Wakefield on his first ASG at age 42. The numbers weren't really there (aside from wins) and I guess Sherrill might have been a more logical pick on those grounds, but since when do All-Star rosters have to make any sense? It's an exhibition game. He seems like a real nice guy and from the comments I read, he is over the moon about being picked and really wanted to go, so you can't help but be happy for the guy.

Also, Yadier Molina is so offensively inferior to Brian McCann that he can't even see him from where he's standing.

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