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What should a statue of Brooks look like?


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Roy Firestone has been beating his drum about how we need a statue of Brooks at OPACY for quite some time. Forget whether we need one -- if we had one, what would you want it to look like?

I think one thing we can agree on is that he'd have a glove on his hand. Here are some possibilities:

- Laid out to his backhand side, snaring a ball in his glove.

- Laid out on his glove side, holding the ball out to show the ump he'd caught it

- Picking up a bunt, arm cocked, ready to throw across his body.

- Arm cocked, ready to throw from foul territory, as in his great 1970 WS play.

- Leaping in the air, huge grin on his face, after the O's won the 1966 Series (kind of hard to do in a statue).

I have to say, the sculptor would have a lot of fun with this one.

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Brooks riding a unicorn fighting a light-saber battle against Robocop.

That was my second choice, my first choice would be a 3 stage statue like the photo above. I'm not generally a fan of "motion" statues like:


but I think the space between each image of Brooks would make a beautiful piece of art. Also, anyone who followed Brooks at all would instantly recognize the image.

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Regardless of which ever great play they remember with a Brooks statue they MUST add a Brooks statue to OPACY.

My understanding is that it was a done deal; not at OPACY, but at "a plaza west" of OPACY. Is that the area in front of Pickles and Sliders where all the vendors set up?

I'd simply use the shot of Brooks in his fielding croutch, ready to pounce in any direction.

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