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Rays moving to CT in future?


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I went back and read the article again and one thing that hit me the second time was that the report was picked up on the NESN internet site. I haven't been able to find anything that orginates in the Tampa area regarding this topic (even the older article I referenced last night dealt more with the Rays moving to a site within the Tampa region vice outside the state).

Although Peter Gammons is pretty much the biggest RedSox homer there is and I don't want to say there is a conspiracy afoot, but isn't it intresting that this tidbit surfaces while there has been talk again about Fenway and how much it has outlived its usefulness as a modern ballpark? It is kinda ironic how Gammons brings up how the Trop was never meant as a baseball venue and how those that wanted to bring in the then DRays went against MLB wishes to upgrade it.

After all it has been said that Fenway has pretty much reached its upgrade limit and Red Sox fans would be better footing the bill for a new park that no one sits behind a girder or sits at an odd angle to miss seeing most of the park. Now if you tell the members of RSoxNation that a team might put up a brand new park in home turf, wouldn't you be more willing to say that they would be willing to place Fenway underglass and dig deeper in their pockets for a new venue?

Just some ramblings...

Here is the link to that Bleacher Report by JC Del La Torre (he's the guy that says that MLB is at fault for having ST in Florida)...


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